Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Hello again, another long  break from blogging as so much has happened over the last few months. This is really a question to anyone who might still be reading. I've just realised the EU cookie thingie that appears on blogs and websites applies to blogs as well. I've looked at mine and can't find one - and it looked so complicated when I looked it up. Then I had the idea of searching for it on my phone and it is there.

The question is, does it appear if you looked on my blog? Is it only invisible to me as the blog writer?

TDL - I have been reading your blog regularly as I receive notifications but find I cannot comment, is there anything I can do so I can? Yes I have followed all your bathroom and 'decluttering' posts and your food, despite my silence (silence is unusual from me unless I'm reading or concentrating!) I'd love to know.

Off now to sort out my Mum's house and garage, I need to clear it all and the garage is full of ancient plumbing parts and such like. I may be some time!!!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Firstly this is to wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2018.

I hadn't realised it had been so long since posting anything. I was so busy during the whole of the Summer with the restoration of the Vulcan and then the grand unveiling with all the people who came. Then I decided to take it a bit further and be a volunteer at the Museum. During the summer I'd been a bit of a rebel by taking photos (after we'd been told not to) but I thought I wanted a memory of what I'd spent the summer doing/ However they didn't hold it against me!!!

Anyway, I decided to look into being a tour guide. Armed with the pages and pages of stuff to read about the history of the founder of the AVRO company A V Roe I realised there was just too much to take in and I wasn't really that fascinated with the earlier aeroplanes. So that left The Vulcan! From lots of notes taken, lots of cockpit shadowing and reading I finally reduced my notes from about 8 pages to 2! This went on for a couple of months then my 'mentor' announced during the afternoon, just in a gap before the last tour - "You're going to do the next one"! No panic! I didn't have time to panic. Just stood there in the cockpit, going through my well rehearsed spiel and actually finished it without needing any prompting (bearing in mind they were my own notes, so my 'Mentor' wouldn't have known what I was going to say). He told the 5 guys sitting in the cockpit that it was my first solo and they all clapped. I hope I have become more professional as the year wore on, not been so 'wooden' and tried to vary my talk and bring life to it. We don't read from notes BTW, as that would be awful.

After two more weeks (well two days as I go one day a week) I went truly solo and was chuffed to bits.

So that is that really. Lots of book reading but have also found time to read my favourite thrillers (Jo Nesbo, Camille Lackberg, Susan Hill Simon Serrailler series) and of course Ann Cleeve, Vera series) as well and done some crochet and even knitting socks. Sadly my Mum hasn't been too well at all and at 97 she's pretty reliant on me but insists I keep my Saturday at Woodford for just me as she knows how much it means to me. Cycling - well the last time I cycled was down to the shops, with visiting my Mum and needing to take her stuff, entailing also in the winter leaving her house at peak time in the dark, means I just wouldn't or couldn't cycle, it would take me too long out of my day, and also I am never sure whether I will be asked to go out and get something/take her somewhere, whilst I'm there.

We've also been to a few airfields looking at aircraft taxiing and paid visits to other Vulcans and generally tried to get about too.

Here's a photo of me 'at work' and below is a photo of some of we volunteers who restored the plane, I couldn't link the one with everyone on as it wasn't my photo and was taken at the back of the plane. I am sorry if this is a bit of a gabble but I only just decided to make an entry.

I do read some of your blogs but haven't a lot of time to respond to them. Maybe I should make some time!

Bye bye for now and I hope the weather keeps as mild as it can without all the horrors snow and ice bring, albeit pretty to look at.