Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Oh, no, I've been such a lazy blogger recently, just been so busy with my Mum, decorating and trying to fit in all the things I really need to do as well as attempting to declutter as well. The name of the blog seems to be rather inappropriate at the moment as I use my Beetle from time to time, don't take her to shows and am struggling to find time to cycle as well.

There had to be a decision made by members of the Vulcan to the Sky club on the future of the club, as it was no longer connected to the sky! Therefore we attended an EGM at Bruntingthorpe to hear the result of the vote from members prior to the AGM which will be held this coming weekend at Cosford.

We wanted to go also to see the aircraft which are at Bruntingthorpe so combined the visit. After the meeting we had access to walk around all the planes, some awaiting restoration and some just sitting there for anyone to go up to. 

We did really want to see the Victor, which followed on from the Vulcan and which was a very important plane during the Falklands war, as a large number refuelled the one Vulcan which aim was to bomb the runway so the Argentinians couldn't take off in their planes. I think it was 13 Victor tanker planes which refuelled each other then eventually there was only one left to refuel the Vulcan on her way back home after a successful raid on the runway at Port Stanley.

She was an impressive plane and so large too. So pleased to have seen her. 

Also on display was a Shackleton which is in the process of being restored and I was (hmm) allowed into the body of the plane and clambered over the high bulkheads to get to the cockpit. Strictly speaking we shouldn't have but the people involved let us in. A very interesting plane in that she stayed up in the air for hours on end on coastal observations and so there is on board a little kitchen etc. The job was similar to what the Nimrod did before the powers that be decided to scrap brand new ones which had been built at Woodford.  Say no more about that!

One of the most amazing sights was the Guppy - I have honestly never ever seen anything so big in my life. It was rather like the Hindenberg, with wings. This is an extreme load carrier and very impressive. I think it used to fly wings from Deeside to where Airbus was being built. 

Guppy - It really does look blown up!

Victor (V bomber)

Inside Shackleton

Another inside the Shackleton

Lots to do here
Sorry I chopped the top of the cabin off. This was the only one I got of the outside

I'm going to surprise you and put on another post with some pictures from Woodford - in which we had our car photographed in front of the Vulcan there.

Bye for now and sorry for the late posting and for all these aircraft posts. I hope you're not bored with them all. 


  1. Wow - lucky you getting inside the Shack! Brilliant! Never made it to Brunty yet but think I need to now, just to see that Guppy! what a weird beast!

    1. Wasn't that my lucky day, Robyn. Just think of all the Elf and Safety rules we broke. I just had to climb over all those reinforcements to get to sit in the pilot's seat too!

  2. How lovely to find a second post, I started at the newest – sorry.

    I’ve never seen a guppy, is it named after the fish of the same name? It looks as though it should be.

    We’ve been watching a programme on Sunday evenings about the Red Arrows and other planes/helicopters. I think it might have been on before, but we missed it last time. It’s really interesting, and I’m sure you would love it if you’ve not seen it already.

    I never find your posts boring Anne Marie, even though I know next to nothing about planes – you make it interesting. x

    1. Hi again, Barbara, I have no idea of why the Guppy was named so, or even if it is its correct name. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of the Hindenburg, with its little sections.

      Yes, we are watching Inside RAF for the second time. Do watch this weekend's episode as it shows our lovely Vulcan at RIAT I think. Then you will see why I have this Delta Wing obsession! All of these programmes are interesting!