Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Posting this eventually - a bit too much two many Vulcan posts together.

We visited this lovely new museum the weekend before Christmas on a lovely cold but sunny day, as you will see from the photos. It's not far away but a bit of a faff (is that how you spell it?) as you have to go through lots of airport areas, then village areas with lots of turnings and it's difficult to describe, you just have to try to remember where to turn. It's not far from Manchester Airport but has a Stockport postcode. Poynton is the closest railway station but you actually can't arrive on foot (bike permitted, with helmet and safety jacket)

We were greeted very well by the lovely museum staff. The building is built at the far end of what was the former AVRO Woodford factory, and at the moment because there is house building going on, the site is cordoned off and you must keep within a designated road area to get to the museum.

The exhibits are far too numerous to see all in one go and we will definitely be back and we have joined as friends of the museum. All around the walls are pictures of planes and the time span they were around. There are things hanging up and also bits of planes, like control panels etc, so you can really see what was going on.

One of the highlights of the visit apart from going to see the lovely Vulcan outside, is the cockpit part inside the museum which you can climb up into. It was so very thrilling to climb that yellow ladder and sit in a seat and have access to the controls which are all pullable and turnable (sorry for the grammar but that is what they do). It explains just how complex a Vulcan bomber is, compared to a Lancaster and other bombers just a few years earlier, these are full of electronics.

There is a lovely little cafe, no meals though, it's early days, the coffee is good and so were the biscuits, that's OK by me.

The lovely Vulcan outside has really seen better days and is looking a bit sad but - in March she is going to be cleaned up and painted. I'd love to get my hands on her and be part of this operation. Mother and husband permitting, I might volunteer.

Right, enough of the chat and here are some photos.

This view is from the cafe window upstairs. It's one of my favourites, showing the hills in the distance.