Saturday, 24 October 2015

MORE Air Shows - Apologies

Well it's been a while but there has been a lot going on which has been time consuming, leading to much juggling and still not much time to do a great deal.

We have been trying to go to as many air shows as possible to see our wonderful Vulcan XH558 fly in her last season. You might not understand but real enthusiasts and members of the Vulcan To The Sky Club are very emotional when they see her fly and it is a real heartbreak to realise that she won't be flying after the end of this month due to various reasons, mainly the pulling out of technical support.

That said, we have been to Rhyl Airshow, where it was a wonderful day and even though I sprained my ankle rather badly early in the day just stood on a stone, we managed to enjoy it. We met a wonderful guy who had been in the crew of a Vulcan during her active service flying life and he was so very interesting.

There was a V Tour of the country paying tribute to where all the V bombers had been and still were in various forms. Our choice of venue was Barton Airport (or Manchester City Airport it is now known as). Vulcan performed a magnificent show for us all.

We then went to Southport Air Show where the planes excelled themselves but the two highlights of the show were the Red Arrows flying in formation with our lovely Vulcan along the coastline, so majestically many tears were shed and the atmosphere was so emotional. Then Vulcan peeled off and did her own display, which was by far the best one I have seen. The Reds flew off to Warton to refuel and then came back later to do their own magnificent display.

There was also Blackpool but I'm getting confused as to where we were when!

The airfield at Barton Airport, it is literally grass

I only took a couple here, as I just wanted to watch her fly

This was the lovely Karl, who told us all about his Vulcan exploits. This was taken at RHYL airshow

Another at Rhyl

You can see - this a tank, at Southport

This is a board which will be on display at the Red Arrows base, and the planes are made of the same metal as a real plane and there are rivets which are authentic rivets. We were given the opportunity to place a rivet in a hole. Mine of course was on the Vulcan but was just at the beginning of the wide bit. Really proud I managed a rivet gun and this will be on display.

These are The Blades, all ex Red Arrows pilots

This sight was unbelievable and so very emotional. Just look at that perfect formation.

And then !!!!

The end of a perfect day

Of course, there was the Northern Tour, for which we returned to Barton. Sadly, although Vulcan came directly over us at very high speed and right over our heads, to climb rapidly, before turning to fly along parallel to Manchester Ship Canal, then crossing over near Lymm, onwards to Woodford etc, she was so fast, that she had gone before we had had a really good look. It was incredible to see her so big right over our heads before climbing though. I so wanted her to do another circuit more slowly.

Well, you will be all Vulcanned out by now. I am sorry if I've bored you with all this and emotion too but maybe you find it a little interesting.