Monday, 31 August 2015


I have completely lost track of time and have been running round trying to fit everything in and just realised I have never posted anything about Leominster. You may read on here posts which are completely out of sequence. Never mind, just put it down to my age.

Husband was asked to go and look at a couple of cars for a customer of his, to use whilst K is fettling one for him. He wanted me to go down with him and I tried to find somewhere to stay. At the last minute I found somewhere and so down to Leominster we went. I was looking forward to seeing The Wrekin on the way down but not so, the weather was dull, drizzle and a very low mist. In addition the road I was used to taking, ie through Whitchurch to Shrewsbury has now been bypassed and I just didn't recognise anywhere past Cholmondeley Castle.

We arrived at Brightwells early in the morning and found a few cars for K to look at, I wandered around looking at things I was interested in including a gypsy caravan which apparently had a reserve on it of £30.00. It was horsedrawn and I've just realised I didn't take a photo of the front of it. 

I then decided I'd had enough of watching K grubbing around under bonnets and under cars so walked into Leominster to have a good old mooch around. I wasn't disappointed, the approach along a road, then a pretty path along the River Lugg (there I've got that in, I had previously never heard of that river). The path took me past the Priory Church and parts of it are Norman.The Abbey houses the last surviving Ducking Stool, which was last used to duck in 1817 when Sarah Leeke was wheeled round the town in it but she was spared a ducking as the river was so low.

Then I walked into the town, which consists pretty well mostly timbered buildings, all higgledy piggledy and lovely. I mooched in a few charity shops, bought a couple of balls of wool very cheaply and some amazing Lakeland Polo shirts for K for work and found somewhere to have a coffee and a snack. 

People down there are so lovely to talk to and have the time to chat. I decided I wanted to live there! 

By this time my feet were pretty sore as I'd only got normal socks in my shoes and could have done with cushioned ones. I'd not brought any other than the same I was wearing so found an outlet shop (more walking) and bought two packs of two each. I managed to change socks in some toilets. I then walked back to the auction, which seemed a long way coming back because my feet were hurting. I had to walk as K never answers his phone, in fact it was locked in his car! We had a cuppa before leaving and then drove back into the town to where we were staying, which was er, well, OK but a bit musty, at least the bed was clean and very comfortable and we had a little sitting area and a TV but it served the purpose well enough as it was a very old building. For one night I'm not really bothered.

In the morning, back to the auction and I had another look at the cars K had decided to bid on, had a cup of tea and walked back into the town for another look around. Then when I'd had enough walked back to the auction for more tea and something to eat as well.

K decided that the Triumph Stags he had gone to look at were not worth buying even though the reserve was high and the customer opted to bid on a Triumph TR6 which he went overboard for but now loves it! All the details were sorted over the phone and the customer wanted to come down again the next day and bring back the car.

So, that was it, we drove back, the weather was good but there was an awful traffic jam for miles, due to road works on the only way down, through Craven Arms. I saw the Wrekin on our right and yes, it was just as I remembered. The old road must have gone the other side, as I distinctly remember it being on my right as I was going SOUTH.

So, that was that, K went down again and they brought the car back up. Here are a few photos. Well, sorry there are a lot of photos, so I'm not going to elaborate, they look out of order but I took some of them the next day or on the way back. Hopefully I will keep my enthusiasm going and try to post another one soon, as we've been out and about to air shows!