Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Hello there, long time no post but I've been busy and also majorly stressed, sorry if majorly is not a real word!

This post is completely out of sync as I've got interesting stuff to record a few weeks ago but this one is fresh in my mind.

Today we visited a car show at the viewing area of Manchester Airport and watched planes taking off and landing whilst we sat around with friends enjoying a chat and a cuppa (we always take a camping stove for fresh tea). We looked at some planes, long ago out of service but showing how they were constructed and various bits of information about them. We stood under the wings of Concorde in the hangar where she rests whilst looking at memorabilia for sale and crafts for sale.

My face is burning with the sun and wind although I didn't sunbathe.

This evening I visited a friend, who was hosting a guy I had met briefly many years ago, and was now cycling down the country from John O'Groats to Lands end (yes the wrong way around) on a recumbent bike in aid of Dementia. We had a fabulous evening and laughed the whole time, and I had to cycle home the long way around because of travellers parked up near the underpass on the way I came in. This man's name is Richard Cresswell and the charity is

take a look at his blog if you're interested. The post where he mentioned Chris and Jill is the couple I mentioned and I provided the photo of the lady whose trike was in the museum.

This was one half of our Triumph Stag stand, we were at a 90 degree angle to those.
For those who don't know this plane is announced on its arrival, landing, taxiing and taking off by a commentary from the loudspeaker. It is generally called "The Big One" and lands at around 11.30 am and takes off again at around 2.30pm.

Well, this post was written a couple of weeks ago and I'm only posting it now. There are some more shots soon but maybe not in this order as definitely one post is BEFORE this one!


  1. Hi Anne Marie, I’ve been over to Richard Creswell’s blog and enjoyed a nosy around (he does some wonderful sculptures) I enjoyed all the photographs and reading about his journey. I also enjoyed all your photos and chuckled at the plane being called ‘the big one’ it is that alright!
    Thanks for coming to visit me. I will keep my same blog address but might just tweak the name a little – I won’t be able to claim I’m a bookseller after the 1st August. I’m a little worried that I will have enough interesting things to blog about now – but I need to give myself a good shake and get on with it.
    Enjoy the summer – not that there is much sun at the moment! xx

    1. Barbara, I've just realised I replied to this comment via the email that was sent to me - if you don't receive it, please let me know and I'll put it on here.

  2. Hi Anne Marie, I've not received it yet, but maybe it is still on the way. Don't worry about replying again.

  3. Hi Anne Marie, I've not received it yet, but maybe it is still on the way. Don't worry about replying again.

  4. Hi Anne Marie, I’ve not had the chance to visit you for ages so I’m very glad I’ve not missed anything. I closed March House Books about a month ago and have been busy clearing out, listing on eBay and generally running around like a headless chicken. I’m going to keep my blog going for a while but will have to see what happens to it now I won’t have so many books to talk about. I do hope all is well with you as you mentioned being stressed in your last post.