Thursday, 4 June 2015


I am in a Facebook Group called Warrington Arts and Crafts Emporium, which encourages people in whatever crafts they enjoy. There are artists, sculptors, card makers, photographers and quite a few crocheters (AKA Hookers!) I am one of the latter in addition to being arty as well. Please do not take the word hookers the wrong way!

They meet up every month on a Sunday morning in town. I don't usually go to them but they recently started going to a little cafe out of town in the mid week.  I really enjoyed this and decided to cycle there the last time. Just a quick cycle through a few parks, along a trail and through a less savoury town road to cross the Manchester Ship Canal locks over to the cafe.  We had a good chat, drank coffee, laughed a lot. Rather than go back the same way, I decided to try a new way home, over Woolston Eyes, which is an area renowned for its wild life. It lies just off the Ship Canal, sandwiched between the A57 and the M6 at Thelwall Viaduct, not an area you would expect an area rich in nature.

Here are a few photos to show you, from the Locks at Latchford, back to Woolston Eyes. Sorry for the photo heavy post.

This was right out of town in the old days (it's still a few miles but part of a ribbon development) and it is surrounded mostly by newer houses built from the 60s onwards. This little green has retained its charm. I'd love to live in that cottage with the pretty garden.

Well I just had to prove I was on my bike!
I think that's all for tonight. Next time I think you can take a look around the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, where we went recently.

My blog has been sadly lacking over the last month or two, it's hard to catch up. I really will try to scan my coastal walk/ride around the Isle of Man soon.


  1. I'd expect you have to be careful in Warrington putting an ad out for hookers, you might end up with a room filled with rugby blokes!

    I enjoyed your pictures, haven't been in that area for yonks, the boat museum will bring back some memories too.

    1. Ha, yes you certainly do. I'll be less tardy with the boat museum, now I've got back into it, I think if I'm a bit stressed I don't want to bother with blogging but when I see the photos I think it's not so bad.

      I have been reading your blog as I get notified on email but if I read it on the phone I can't comment and then it goes out of my mind. Just made the effort.

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  2. That looks like an interesting ride, I love anything to do with boats. I've been over the Thelwall Viaduct many times, it's hard to see anything underneath it, it's so high.

    1. Hello, Meanqueen, lovely to hear from you. The locks are very interesting. The houses you can see are the former site of Richmond Gas Cookers, latterly Ti New World, taken over by Stoves. I worked there for a while for the Prod Director but he wasn't a very nice man, so got another job.

  3. Just saw your comment on my Blog - thank you! Assume you were hoping to see the BBMF Lancaster flying? If so I'm afraid I have to disappoint you - she won't be airworthy again following the engine fire in may for quite some months yet. So sad - particularly in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain as they were hoping to have all aircraft flying this year!


  4. I laughed out loud when I read about you being a hooker – how funny, I’m not one, but I wish I knew how to do it!!!
    Please don’t be sorry for the photo heavy post, I really enjoyed them all and wish I could join you on the ride and at the cafĂ© – it sounds like a lot of fun.
    Lovely to find a new post from you today, I always look forward to them.