Saturday, 4 April 2015


After we have been battered by high winds and rain over the course of the last few days, today has been a beautiful day, mild and pretty good really. The daffodils are all out along the roadsides near where we live and also mixed yellow and purple crocuses, which makes your heart skip when you see them.

I had the great idea to make a chicklet, idea from Lucy at Attic24. Well I found the pattern, looked at it and saw it mentioned the word 'counting' and I then just winged it. Here is the result. The pattern didn't have feet but husband stated that feet were necessary so I worked out how to make some feet.

I took this chicklet over to 'the grandchild' this afternoon and she wasn't really amused, she preferred Dude, the cat who jumped on the sofa next to her. Well, she's a bit young to appreciate my efforts, much preferring her giraffes and multi teething/play toys. How wonderful they all are now.

Will you please take a look at my friend Kathryn's blog, Crafternoon Treats,

In her blog is a wonderful blanket that she actually won and is auctioning for a small donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care so you get the chance to win this for yourself.

 Isn't it beautiful? I would love to win it, it wouldn't be much use me auctioning it off as Ii don't have enough followers on my blog to raise enough money that this blanket is worth sacrificing for. I have donated myself by the way. 

Kathryn will be so pleased if you join. She is a very talented person and crocheter and has done some fabulous things. Go over and look at her blog.

That is all for today. I did intend to post some pictures of some more scarves I have made but realised I didn't photograph them.

Have a great Easter holiday.


  1. The chick is cute. I keep saying I'll learn to crochet but I've not got round to it yet.

    1. I loved the chick myself and the first toy I have made in crochet. You must learn, either in a group or You Tube. It's so much better than knitting and you can get away with more than knitting (voice of experience here as I'm not a great knitting fan).

  2. Hello Anne Marie, I was thinking about you this morning and came over to leave a comment before realising you have a new post up. I was thinking about you because Bamber Gascoigne was on the news showing off his inherited mansion, and it made me think of Mary Ruth selling the contents of the ‘big’ house. I just love your book as I think you knew I would.
    I’m going to read your post now.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, Barbara.

  3. I love your little chicklet and agree with your husband; feet are essential. Your lovely blog deserves hundreds of readers. I must tweet about it and then go and visit Kathryn.

  4. I'm back blogging. Come on over:
    Your friend, FM x

    1. Hello Tracey, lovely to hear from you again. I will certainly do that.