Sunday, 12 April 2015


I'm still finding stuff to sell on Ebay and have sold a nice brown Harris Tweed jacket which was quite smart but as I've already got other Harris Tweed jackets, I thought I could do without this one. I sold it for just over £36.00. Happy bunny. That made up for the stupid money I made ? on some other things, but at least I am banking a little in my PayPal which had gone very low. I really must look into transferring money from bank account to PayPal and reverse.

I've been out on the recumbent trike a few times this last couple of weeks and I really do intend to use it more, rather than it being a white elephant in the garage. Well, its model name is ANURA, which I believe is some sort of Australian frog? I did a nice little video of part of my ride to the shops but I'm not able to download it at the moment. The idea is, just to do a few short rides, to the shops, a couple of miles away, the scenic route if the ground isn't too muddy, for a coffee to Black Sheep Wools which is a bit further but more traffic, then maybe I can take a much longer route and go round my old circular route with good weather and a fair wind.

How about a scenic post in small phases of my Manx Coastal Walk? I did this in 1992 and 1993, the first time I had to back out at half way round because I broke my ankle when I just wobbled on a tussock of grass whilst carrying my backpack. The next year I was determined to have another go and so I did. Please comment yay or nay if you are reading this. The photos are a bit faded I've just noticed and are old film shots but I'm running short of things to post about at the moment.

Husband went to the Warfarin Clinic the other day and the levels were correct so no visit for three weeks. Thank heaven for that, it's really not worth him going into work at 12 noon. It does ensure he has a break though!

I've just finished, Game, Set and Match, a Len Deighton Spy trilogy. I feel quite lost now and will have to get some more as I'm on a roll for this type of stuff at the moment. I thought I had read 'Game' a while back as I certainly remembered the ending of it but when I decided to go back and refresh my memory, I only remember parts of it. Strange as I usually remember everything about books I read. I have a feeling I might have skipped some of the tedious bits!

Righty ho, it's my bed time now, time to sign out, no photos today as I really need some sleep, the cat kept us awake last night jumping on and off the bed, landing on husband's head, not good! Night night, and please do let me know what you think of the Isle of Man coastal path posts.

Saturday, 4 April 2015


After we have been battered by high winds and rain over the course of the last few days, today has been a beautiful day, mild and pretty good really. The daffodils are all out along the roadsides near where we live and also mixed yellow and purple crocuses, which makes your heart skip when you see them.

I had the great idea to make a chicklet, idea from Lucy at Attic24. Well I found the pattern, looked at it and saw it mentioned the word 'counting' and I then just winged it. Here is the result. The pattern didn't have feet but husband stated that feet were necessary so I worked out how to make some feet.

I took this chicklet over to 'the grandchild' this afternoon and she wasn't really amused, she preferred Dude, the cat who jumped on the sofa next to her. Well, she's a bit young to appreciate my efforts, much preferring her giraffes and multi teething/play toys. How wonderful they all are now.

Will you please take a look at my friend Kathryn's blog, Crafternoon Treats,

In her blog is a wonderful blanket that she actually won and is auctioning for a small donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care so you get the chance to win this for yourself.

 Isn't it beautiful? I would love to win it, it wouldn't be much use me auctioning it off as Ii don't have enough followers on my blog to raise enough money that this blanket is worth sacrificing for. I have donated myself by the way. 

Kathryn will be so pleased if you join. She is a very talented person and crocheter and has done some fabulous things. Go over and look at her blog.

That is all for today. I did intend to post some pictures of some more scarves I have made but realised I didn't photograph them.

Have a great Easter holiday.