Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lacking in News

A Happy 2015 to you and your families. Husband and I (and my Mum) are not enthusiastic Christmassers and think it has just gone too far and too commercialised. We are none of us religious but do feel that the whole enjoyment of past years has gone from the occasion and more emphasis seems to be placed on large meals and eating and drinking too much. So, we all had a nice quiet Christmas just a quick visit with coffee and present exchange and then back home to a non Christmas dinner. Phew, so much pressure had been taken off me as I had dreaded being asked to cook a Christmas dinner, as I panic over getting everything right for other people.

So, sorry for that negativity so early in the year.

We've also had a few bad spots over the period, as has also happened on years before which doesn't help when remembering. Husband had another attack of vertigo and needs to go for tests on ears (which he was supposed to have today). Also he needs to have a heart check up as he is soon feeling very tired and seems to have the idea that he needs his stents replacing or new ones putting in. That appointment has not been made yet, so NHS systems rather late, good job it's not an emergency.

Right, enough doom! Just before Christmas I had a lovely surprise. I had entered a give away competition with March House Books Blog, for a vintage children's book. I chose as my preferred choice, a children's book on kittens. Much to my surprise I had an email from Barbara Fisher, the lovely lady who runs this blog and shop to say I had won. This book would be for me to give to my new grandchild for her mum to read to her.

With the book came a lovely bookmark and a card. Isn't it cute? I am so delighted with this, what a lovely present to receive just before Christmas. Thank you again, Barbara.

I really don't have a great deal to write about, we haven't been anywhere and nothing exciting has happened. I've done quite a bit of crocheting and as usual given it away. It gives me pleasure to do so and I couldn't possibly sell what I had made, unless someone asked me for something and maybe the yarn was expensive.

I started a little knee blanket following the design of Attic24 Cosy Blanket but it was only after I had half finished it I realised that I'd misinterpreted the pattern. If you didn't know, you wouldn't notice but next time I will be mindful of my previous errors. My Mum admired it and I decided to give it to her. Here's a picture of it.

Christmas is one of those times you buy stuff for people that they don't really want and they buy stuff for you likewise. Oh yes, it's nice to receive presents but often you suggest something for yourself just to have a present to open. This year, I had already made up my mind what I wanted from husband. He used to buy me lovely jewellery, sometimes he couldn't afford it sometimes he could but he thought he ought to spend a lot of money on me. I am not at all like that. I don't judge on what people spend on me, more for what they do for me or are what they are like for me and more important, how much actual thought has gone into the gift. I had seen these earrings and no I didn't really need them but I wanted them. I thought it would be too indulgent to buy them for myself so couldn't wait to tell him that I wanted these .......

Sterling silver,  Vulcan XH558 - and they're gorgeous! The nicest present possible.

I have told my son that if he is ever wondering what to buy, nice scented candles are always acceptable, as I wouldn't buy the ones he buys myself, I'm a £1 shop candle buying person! So lovely candles are pure indulgence for me.

I did go for a mini bike ride the other day and naturally called at Black Sheep Wools for a coffee and scone as I didn't want to ride far, not having cycled for about three weeks. It was too dry and bright a day not to go anywhere. I took a few photos of the lake at Birchwood Centre at the Science Park. It was  mid afternoon and just beginning to lose the light a bit.

I also MADE SOME BUTTER! I made it in my super blender and here it is! It could have done with a little more liquid removed from it but I needed to use some cream up and this seemed a good opportunity to try it. I broke my wooden butter batterer, so next time I don't know what to do.

So, without more ado, I had part baked rolls, home made butter, served on my beautiful little Mouseman cheese board, which I bought from a lovely lady on Facebook who had a vintage selling site. I always think of Helen when I use this board.

I think that is enough for today, I am going to do a craft page next time with some of the little things I've made. I had a brilliant idea of a scarf and once I get an idea in my head I'm like a dog with a bone.

Think Lucet!

Bye for now and I think I might even try to post my new idea tomorrow or day after.

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