Friday, 14 November 2014


I have been a bit busy lately but just wanted to post that I have just become a grandma (Nannie Anni) and I'm not sure if I should post any photos, as my blog is unknown to my family! I think they might feel I was being egotistic in having one.

Anyway, Mum and baby (Ellie) are doing well. Ellie born at home as desired, weighed 8lbs and it was strange as I had only taken DiL to the hospital the day before to check on something and she was told it could be any time from today to next week!!!! So imagine my surprise when baby arrived early in the following morning, after quite a short labour.

8lbs I thought was quite large but she seems to look such a tiny little thing and I really don't believe you can tell who they take after at this young age. She is 3 weeks old now.

I did knit a cardigan that magic wool, and knitting is not one of my best points. I was quite pleased with it however. You have seen a picture of the baby blanket I did, which more resembles a carnival. I do hope it is used as son and daughter in law are quite neutral colour people. (well, if they don't want it, I know who would! hahaha)

I also made a headband for the friend of Nicky, my friend who is very poorly. I sent her daughter a headband I'd made for her daughter's birthday and the friend liked it and begged I make one for her. I'm personally not keen on the colour but she loved it, actually chose from a selection.

I've now discovered I can post photos from my phone, woo hoo! That solves the problem of me taking a photo on a spare phone which is not an Apple but has a great camera.

Until next time, I have some photos of things I'm making for gifts just now.

Hope the weather bucks up a bit, at least is not quite so wet. I don't mind cold so much, after all it is winter. Wet is so dismal.


  1. Awww, congratulations Nannie Anni :)
    *tis I, Kadeeae* ;-)

    1. Thanks Kadeeae, I tried to get on your blog a while back and it didn't seem to appear. Hope you're OK.

  2. Congratulations on becoming a grandma!!! That cardigan is lovely - very impressed with your knitting. My crocheting is Ok but my knitting is very basic. One of these days........

    1. Thank you Kathryn for reading and for your congratulations. The most tedious thing about the baby cardigan was having to wind off the yarn so that the fronts were the same. Obviously the back would be different anyway as it is wider. Not a fan of knitting. Crochet I just love.

  3. Congratulations Nannie Anni – you should go ahead and post some photos; you are aloud bragging rights when you are a nanny! I post photos of Zoe and Lilly from time to time simply because I’m so proud of them.
    I love that little card. I wish I had made them for the girls when they were small, but I missed my chance. I’m sure if I started knitting now the girls would be teenagers before I finished anything!
    I’m sorry I’ve not been over for a while; life is pretty busy with Christmas around the corner.
    It’s very wet today, cold and grey too but our grandson is on his way for a visit, so we are cheered up no end.
    Enjoy the weekend. Barbara.

    1. I'm sure you're busy, Barbara, as I would be if I had had my own business. Thankfully I haven't as now I'm running around after my Mum, my husband, who's sick at the moment and trying to fit in cheeky visits to new and first grandchild. Don't think I could stand the pace if I had a business to run as well.

      Hmm, I think I have something for you - but that's a secret!!!