Friday, 21 November 2014


Hello there, I'm trying to keep up writing the blog as it makes me think what's going on in my life (which in essence, isn't very much in a constructed sense) and I love just clicking the keys and writing my comings and goings, rather like writing a book without it having to be published.

Our new grandchild is now a month old, as husband announced last night. I dragged him around to see her last night on the way back from a doctors appointment. He is always working and when he comes home from work it is late and he is tired and dirty. Has been working weekends too which has not helped, so whilst he was clean and under my control (ie I was driving) we visited. I think he was a little overawed by the tininess of Ellie, even though she was 8lbs born. Babies are very tiny, even normally sized ones.

There we are pleasing both grandparents, Nanny Deena's bobble blanket and Nanny Anni's cardican.

Husband has been ill from Monday night with Vertigo and this present attack seems to be worse than his previous attacks as by now they're usually gone. Doctor announces that she wants him to see ENT expert and see if it might be caused by inner ear, so has sent off for an appointment. Husband then told her he wondered if his heart was OK as he has been feeling tired and listless. To that end, appointments have been sent for for ECG and other tests. Looks like a long job. I hope they don't find anything as he works for himself and you know the score, no work no money. None of this benefit rubbish you just have to still pay the bills and mainly things like public liability insurance etc. with no money coming in from the business. The general public often think if you have a business you're wealthy but believe me, we haven't had a holiday in years, I used to go on my own when I was working but I haven't in 5 years.

On a more interesting note, I have been a little creative and made one Christmas present for a friend who is not a girly girl but likes blue. This is what I have made for her.

I also have started a blanket along the lines of Lucy's from Attic24. I wasn't going to but then curiosity overcame me and I started. This is where I have got to at moment.

I also wanted to do a little blanket from the blog of le Monde de Sucrette, a lady living in the Lebanon who produces beautiful coloured items of extremely creative crochet. Her home is full of this beauty, whilst she can hear in the distance the sounds of fighting and gunshots going on.

This is a lot more difficult than Lucy's pattern. It is a ripple but a more convoluted one and you have to concentrate really hard in the first two rows to 'set' the pattern, then you just need to count. I was determined to have a go at this. You do so many stitches but because of the peaks and troughs it seems to work out shorter.

I think that is all for now. I am trying frantically to make my Christmas list out. It is so difficult nowadays, people are a lot more sophisticated in their wants and it's not always easy to know what to get them. I refuse to go to the Trafford Centre at this time of the year because of the traffic but don't mind Manchester city centre, as I can get the train their and avoid it completely.

Until next time.


Friday, 14 November 2014


I have been a bit busy lately but just wanted to post that I have just become a grandma (Nannie Anni) and I'm not sure if I should post any photos, as my blog is unknown to my family! I think they might feel I was being egotistic in having one.

Anyway, Mum and baby (Ellie) are doing well. Ellie born at home as desired, weighed 8lbs and it was strange as I had only taken DiL to the hospital the day before to check on something and she was told it could be any time from today to next week!!!! So imagine my surprise when baby arrived early in the following morning, after quite a short labour.

8lbs I thought was quite large but she seems to look such a tiny little thing and I really don't believe you can tell who they take after at this young age. She is 3 weeks old now.

I did knit a cardigan that magic wool, and knitting is not one of my best points. I was quite pleased with it however. You have seen a picture of the baby blanket I did, which more resembles a carnival. I do hope it is used as son and daughter in law are quite neutral colour people. (well, if they don't want it, I know who would! hahaha)

I also made a headband for the friend of Nicky, my friend who is very poorly. I sent her daughter a headband I'd made for her daughter's birthday and the friend liked it and begged I make one for her. I'm personally not keen on the colour but she loved it, actually chose from a selection.

I've now discovered I can post photos from my phone, woo hoo! That solves the problem of me taking a photo on a spare phone which is not an Apple but has a great camera.

Until next time, I have some photos of things I'm making for gifts just now.

Hope the weather bucks up a bit, at least is not quite so wet. I don't mind cold so much, after all it is winter. Wet is so dismal.