Sunday, 19 October 2014


I admit to being someone out of synch with this one, I forgot all about it but there's a lovely photo I wanted to show and I didn't want just to put a random picture in, so here it is.

The Lytham Show is a Classic Car Show with historic buses and other vehicles. It is held right on the front, some vehicles on the beach and others right along the concrete walkway, not sure what it is called, on the other side of the lovely marina. We were there early (well, we're always early) and were on the beach, which was a lovely place to be, a bit of grass and bit of sand rather than concrete.

This is an airplane warning!!!! Sorry if I'm boring you but there are just a few more aircraft pictures. I think that is the last for the year.

After a walk around looking at the cars, we realised there were two Spitfires at the other end of the park and walked over there. One of them is on a podium right up in the air and the other on the ground. I'm not sure if it's there all the time but there was certainly a military presence there and people on hand to answer questions. I discovered that they were volunteers and not actual service personnel.

Have you any idea what the bar is for at the front of this vehicle? Answers please in comments and I will tell you later! Sorry no prize for correct answer.

What a shame, I'm obliterating the RAF roundel.

How beautiful is this?

Love these planes.

There were a lot of ducks on the marina, there was a notice for people not to feed them but I think they were very hopeful.

Here are a few of the various interesting exhibits, including a mini caravan which was gorgeous and which I wanted!

I am not sure if this is a Green Goddess or not?

I did so want a pillar box red Land Rover. I hadn't realised they came in such small sizes!!!! The owner of this had made it for his son, but as he was a very small person (not a dwarf but just a very small man, he could actually drive it. He very kindly let me try it and it was great fun. He showed me how to drive it in forward and reverse. My legs were a bit long for it though.

This actually won a prize but not sure what for

I love the sky here. Looks like a cross in the sky.

Husband's car is the white one. (It's actually mine on the log book)

Don't you just love this?
We're always last! Mainly to beat the crowds queueing up. It was just so nice sitting there and brewing tea on our little stove, we just stayed until quite late. We'll definitely go back there next year.


  1. The Spitfire on the pole near the lake is a permanent feature. It's been there since 2012, all brought about by volunteers if I remember correctly. It's a memorial to Sgt. Lever-Ridings whose family were from LSA. I think the original plan was to have a larger memorial with more information about the war etc. There are plans to redevelop the lake area so maybe something will happen along with that.

    1. Oh thank you for that TD. It's good to hear and I really am looking forward to going back next year and maybe looking around the shops, as I didn't bother this time. I ought to go really as I have an aunt and cousin living there but it does seem like a bit of a trek after you've turned off the M6. I once went through Preston as I worked for a while at Fina on the dock road, but think the traffic was a problem.

    2. Ha! Yes, the trek from the M6 can be a drain. It's the best and the worst thing about the Fylde imo. I like how it feels so separate from everywhere, until I find myself on the M55 then I feel very differently!

      Driving through Preston is rarely a good choice either, although I think a link road to Warton is rumoured which would cut travel time.

  2. Hi Anne Marie, yes I do love the little boat full of flowers and all the other pics too. Sorry, I’ve no idea what the bar on the front of the military vehicle is – I’m not very good at that kind of thing. I can see why you had such a good time it looks like a really lovely show.

    1. I will tell you the answer then Barbara. When the jeeps were overseas, they often went down forest tracks and lanes and the bar was to prevent the effects of wire garrotting the driver and passengers, in case of the enemy placing wire across the tracks as they didn't always have windscreen up.