Sunday, 28 September 2014


I seem to have gone to quite a few shows this year, mainly they seem to be only places we go to together. Also, a couple of the venues I had never been to so didn't want to miss them.

This time is Hoghton Towers, a beautiful old house not far from Blackburn, in a superb location overlooking the back of Winter Hill and other hills in the background. We've been there many times but I never get tired of wandering around the courtyard absorbing the atmosphere. This day there was a treat - a medieval gig! I could hear music in the distance so wandered (or puffed my way) up the hill quite fast, to hear lovely music, quite atmospheric.

They were playing Greensleeves, quite a few verses of it and in case you didn't know the reason for the name, apparently sleeves in ladies dresses were added on afterwards and could be interchanged. Sort of mix and match. 

The house is impressive both inside and out and here are a few photos of the buidings.

I didn't go around the house as we had been informed that a Lancaster bomber would be flying over the hall that afternoon, so I didn't want to miss it. To my and everyone's disappointment, we didn't see it.

I stopped the people in this car to take the photo. There is a large plant sticking up if you look carefully. Apparently they were taking it for Sir Bernard, the resident owner. He is often to be found at the gateway greeting visitors to the house and just seems like everyone else.

After a pleasant day, back down the motorways home. And now to unload the car with the chairs, table and stove.


  1. I didn’t know that about Greensleeves. I love the tune, and once I’ve thought of it I can’t stop singing – so you know what I’m doing as I type this.
    Hoghton Towers looks beautiful I love the view through the archway.
    Two Lancaster Bombers flew right over our house on the way to Henstridge Airfield. I knew they were coming as Terry was at the airfield waiting to take photos for the local paper. I dashed outside as soon as I heard them and pointed my camera at the sky– my photo is really funny I’ve got the tail of the first one, then a great big expanse of blue sky and the nose of the second one. Epic fail!

      Barbara, I always thought this was the story but when I wrote the blog I ought t have looked it up. I was also singing the song for ages afterwards!

      The guy in the red velvet was instigating a lot of audience participation too.