Sunday, 29 June 2014


When I was Co-ordinator I was approached to assist in the filming of various parts of the trail and also asked if I would mind some of my photos being used as stills in the film. Because of illness of one of the Sustrans people, it only came up again a few weeks ago and a good day was picked and we all set off to do some filming, Julz, Peter Brocklehurst, Alan Wright and me.

A gorgeous day after a few doubtful weather forecast made us decide to go along to Hale Village taking up interesting shots along the way. As I take oodles of photos I gave a few ideas of where I thought would be good opportunities, which might otherwise have been missed.

We stopped for a welcome break and a very welcoming lady at the hut cafe near Pickerings Pastures, and after bacon butties (not me) and scone with clotted cream (me) and of course a large cuppa, we continued.

Here are a few shots for you to look at. I am sorry for picture quality but I forgot the SD card from my camera so they are phone shots.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos and you can get an idea of what the Transpennine trail looks like in our part of the world and how important it is to keep these trails going. This one goes from Southport to Hull and provides areas of peace and traffic free tracks (mostly) where cyclists, walkers and in some places, horse riders can enjoy the countryside.

I don't know if anyone has ever seen a bike like this before but this was actually a fellow Ranger who was on his way to Liverpool. I didn't take his face in case he disapproved. The bike is a Pederson, designed in Denmark I think but the saddle is suspended from the extension of the front forks to the seat tube. I have tried one of course in a much smaller size and they are extremely comfortable to ride, very stately but actually very lightweight.

This was outside the Ferry Inn. I imagine they now have an automatic washing machine.

I think this is one of my trademark shots.

The marsh flats, you can just make out Widnes Bridge in the distance. This is around the spot where they are building the new Mersey Crossing and which will cause mayhem on the trail for many months.

Jules is interviewing and filming
two people using the trail.

This seems to be the remains of a Jetty. See the power station in the background.

And this is the remains of a wooden ship, the Eustance Carey or Casey, my eyes aren't so good tonight, wrecked on the mud. A picture of the boat is shown below (curtesy to someone off Warrington Memories Facebook Group_

Another shot of the wreck

Doesn't this look rather like Woody Allen?

Swan family back at Sankey Bridges.


  1. I love the area all around Future Flower, if we have time we walk down there before we go to the rugby.

    My Great-Grandmother's house was knocked down to make way for the original Runcorn-Widnes bridge, over on the Runcorn side.

  2. It is a wildlife haven, isn't it? So close to what was a smelly, grimy industrial town. I once worked at Barium Chemicals as a temp a VERY long time ago and ended up with breathing problems.It was the oldest office I have ever worked in!

    I also remember going across the Transporter Bridge before the new bridge was built. How interesting, about your great grandmother, there must have been so many houses demolished for the bridge and the expressway too.

    1. Yes. My grandmother (so now my mum I assume) had some amazing photographs of "old" Runcorn before the New Town was built. My Grandad always used to tell us about when he was a lad and he and his brothers would hang on to the bottom of the transporter and try to drop down onto the wall separating the Mersey from the Ship Canal! Yikes, can you imagine?

      Father worked for ICI from age 15 until retirement so I understand how you felt working amongst the grime. Mind you he used to tell us about the birds of prey, foxes and other wildlife that lived on the site (when I was little, a fox was an exciting and unknown animal!).

  3. Hello Anne Marie, I think your ‘photos are amazing – ‘phones are brilliant now-a-days. Mine is out of the ark and just about makes calls!
    I loved all the pics, thank you for sharing them. I’ve not seen a bike like that before, but it does look comfy.
    I’m just back from my holiday and rushing around trying to catch up with things, but wanted to let you know I’m still reading your lovely blog. Barbara

  4. Hi Anne Marie, I just called in to see if there was a new post on your blog and to thank you for coming to visit me. I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Barbara x