Sunday, 26 January 2014


Oh, what a lazy, lazy person I have been today. I got up early to make sandwiches for husband to take with him to the Tough Guy race. I have forgotten to add that husband rang me yesterday saying the forecast was grim for today and did I want him to take son down to Wolverhampton. After a bit of mild protestation, I said OK.

How nice it was going back to bed again at 7.15 when he had left. It was pouring down and pitch black. I couldn't be bothered getting a fresh hot water bottle but made do with doubling a blanket over where my feet were. I woke up at 9.30 and thought I'd have another 15 minutes then awoke at - 11.30! That is unheard of. I don't get up really early but never stay in bed that long.

Apparently it rained non stop all the time the race was going on and then stopped. Son had to use flash to take the photos.

I did some crochet work and have almost finished my black/grey/silver crochet scarf which I am going to send to a lovely young lady hoping to cheer her up. I'm trying to fathom out how to attach a flower on without resorting to pins which might damage the scarf. I'm attaching a photo of it being knitted but will do another one finished. Sadly lacking in photos today, not much to say really. Here is also a photo of my lovely Merlin whose tail is fat because I had just been roughing him up, ie, stroking him backwards and forwards, which he loves. His tail fluffs up, not quite like the bottle brush effect when there is another cat in the vicinity.

Until next time, when I will hopefully have something more interesting to write.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


A happy New Year to you all! I have been sadly lacking in blog postings since Christmas, not really had the motivation, nor surprisingly, the time.

I had already decided to sell some of my lovely Masons Franciscan dinner ware, the stuff I hadn't room for in my cupboards so was sitting very unloved in my garage waiting for me to get a larger house, maybe to give dinner parties etc. That hasn't happened and I really cannot keep dreaming on. So, onto Preloved site, with lovely photos. No interest. Then suddenly someone wants to buy it! A lovely young lady arrives, wants it, then wants some of the stuff I wasn't selling because it was chipped. She said, but I could easily chip it myself when using it. I asked her to make me an offer so the deal was done.

A couple of days later, I thought, I wonder if she would be interested in the dinner and tea plates? They were fetching silly money in America but as I already had lots of plates sitting doing nothing in cupboards, on dressers, in stacks, why not sell? A text was sent and a couple of days later the reply came, yes, she was interested. I had offered to deliver and so I did. So, I delivered to one very posh farm house, with remote controlled gates, asking price given without question. She loved everything! My result, over £50 for some crockery which I am very pleased about!

I'm putting a photo of the general design. Just a few things left now, no regrets!

I've also been doing some knitting for friends. I knitted this Kwoosh asymmetric scarf for one of my lovely friends, because she admired my Wingspan one. I did try to do the Wingspan again for her but it's not one to do in a hurry - and I was in a hurry - wanted to give it to her during the Winter so she could use it. I was happy with it and loving in. So did she!

I posted a picture of it on facebook and one of my friends on there liked it too and said it would look good in another colourway. Right. Look for the wool in that colour. I'm now halfway there. It will be on its way to her hopefully shortly. I really love doing things for people. I wouldn't want to sell my stuff, wouldn't be able to get what I put into time. The pleasure is thinking about the giving of the item I've made for them. I only make for folk I like. Don't want it any other way. I have tried to download the photo of what I've done but it won't let me. Next time.

Well, today is a great milestone in my life. It's my birthday and I'm 70! I can't believe it. I don't feel it, and people say I don't look it. I'm trying very hard to stay positive. I don't want to be an old crone. I want to do mad things for ages and ages yet. My Mum has given me some money and I might even buy a lovely fast road bike. She has actually concurred with this, she who often asks "what do you want THAT for?" How exciting will it be to go and look at them? My road bike is from the early 1970s and was hand built, but sadly not for me but for someone larger than me. Watch this space!

My son asked me if I would either let him insure my Land Rover for him to take to the Tough Guy's competition on Sunday, or drive him. I hate letting people loose with my cars, even my son, as I'd worry like him taking a child for the day. I was worried about if it was icy or anything. Anyway, the weather forecast looks rainy, so maybe not so bad. I'm going to take our camping stove for a brew, rather than a flask, as it's much nicer to have fresh tea or coffee.

I saw a recipe for Artisan bread on Attic 24 blog. I made it and it's fabulous. Delicious for dunking into soup or having with a chunk of cheese and pickly. I daren't make this so often as I make my normal bread otherwise I would be 12 stone!

Well, I think that's all I can think to blether about tonight. I have posted on a significant day and am going to show you some photos. Until next time.

My lovely hand painted Masons Franciscan dinner ware, which has all gone now. Still, time for a change and assorted nice plates, some Spode, Royal Doulton and Wedgwood.

My Artisan bread, from the recipe from Attic24's blog

My nice Kwoosh scarf I knitted for my friend. It has wooden and metal beads on each point. She loved it. It is knitted in lovely SMC merino wool, but it was a really good price, a real bargain. A pleasure to knit with.