Thursday, 14 November 2013


I can't remember if I wrote that I won a pair of Pothies on a Facebook Page draw. Like you mostly do, you enter a draw without any expectations of winning but just like to take part anyway.

A little while later, I just casually looked on the site concerned and there in print was MY NAME! I had won the pair of slippers. If any of you remember how excited I was when I won a camera, you can imagine what I was like. Not only are these slippers hand made, but they are unique, made from many strands of multi coloured yarn and crocheted. They are hand made in Wales and the link is Handmade Slippers - Pothies I hope this works as I've never inserted a link in text before so it is new to me.

Here are a couple of photos of the slippers:

There is a rubber substance on the bottom, with a gap for the instep, presumably to keep the slippers flexible. Don't you just love the colours? If you look back at my Wingspan scarf I knitted you will notice the yarn seems to have very similar colours, with the scarf having a bit more green in. Did I choose the yarn? No, just listed a few colours I liked. I couldn't have chosen nicer myself.

They arrived wrapped beautifully with a yarn cord, and lovely labels, in tissue paper, boxed and I couldn't wait to open the box! Thank you, Belinda for making me such a lovely prize!

I'm not writing any more today, just leaving you with the pictures of my Pothies!

Sunday, 10 November 2013


I decided to go for a little ride the other day, not too far, as I'm not really fit with us having so much rain recently. Most people who know me know I hate cycling in the rain unless I'm caught out in it. I dislike the spray that comes up from the ground and as I wear specs, they get wet and steamed up. I used to cycle in contact lenses but don't wear them so often now and would wear goggles in the wind and rain anyway, to keep grip out of the eyes.

So, may as well do something useful as well as cycling - go for some potatoes and eggs from my favourite smallholding. I always stop to chat to the man there, he has some lovely little dogs, and a couple of ponies. Sadly his wife died earlier in the year and it hit him really badly, they had been married for so long, in their 80s.

A dozen eggs, medium, £2.00, chickens running around the place! Potatoes, not from them but grown within a couple of miles, £1.25 for 5lb. Carrots 3lb for £1.00. I didn't need any this time so helped keep the weight down didn't buy any.

Here are a few photos of the old ads on the wall.

Isn't it quaint. I love these.

I then made my way back home via The Black Sheep Wool Barn, a little detour, thought I'd have a cup of tea there. I took my Wingspan scarf to show them, as the girls love to see what you've created out of their yarn. I sewed crystal droplets at the end of each point.

Took a few pictures of the way back. Sorry for the poor quality but they are on my phone.

The previous two photos are taken in Birchwood park, where there are two or three football pitches. The pitches are used very often for matches. These sculptures remind me of the Henry Moore ones, although not anywhere near so good. It's a pity they weren't in a better location and sited in a proper 'area' not just put in.

The last two were taken at home. I can't understand why my Rowan tree still has its leaves, whereas just down the road, the ones with red berries have berries but no leaves!

On Saturday we had such a hail storm. Also thunder and lightening with the storm right above us. I pulled the plugs on the TV and computer, even though I've a surge protector on the computer. I have seen peoples houses being hit by lightning going through their TV and all the wires, so didn't want to take any chances. It took a lot of non technical fiddling to get the time back on the video/dvd box (which is also a Freeview and I don't understand but can mostly work it by trial and error). The road was white over and the lawn was covered in hail. A miserable day when I didn't go out of the house!!!

Anyway, that's enough for now. It's 23.49 and I need to wash some dishes, not having any hot water earlier. I will be posting some pictures of my latest creation, a pointed front vest top in a lovely stripey Noro Yarn. I can't wait to sew it up and show you the pictures. I just hope it looks as good on as it does off.