Tuesday, 1 October 2013


I had a wonderful weekend after deciding to visit Yarndale at Skipton on Saturday 28th September. Having discovered the train fare was no cheaper booking in advance, I left it until the very last minute to decide whether to drive or go by train. I chose the train and was very glad I'd done so as the traffic was so very heavy through Skipton town. I like train travel too, as I can relax.

It was going to be a warm day so I didn't take a coat and it was a bit chilly going out at 7.30 for the train to Leeds. Wish I'd put a scarf on. Never mind, would be indoors most of the time. When I scurried from the Transpennine Express to the local train which took us to Skipton, I met some other people going to Yarndale, in fact most of the passengers were going and there was absolute mass excitement as everyone had been waiting for the day. The station had been decorated in honour of the occasion with bunting.

There are lots of pictures, so click on them and they will come up lovely and large!!!

You could either walk through the yarn bombed park or take the lovely decorated red Routemaster bus up to the cattle mart, where Yarndale was being held. I wanted to see the studio that Lucy from Attic24 shared with Handmade Over Yonder. Most people who are interested in crochet will know Attic24's beautifully colourful blog and Handmade Over Yonder makes gorgeous long legged dressed linen mice and rabbits, and a magnificently handsome Mr Fox, complete with tweed breeches, waistcoat and scarf. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of him and the mice/bunnies as there was so many people crowding in a tiny room which is the studio.

Whilst I was there I had a pot of tea and an almond croissant, which was a good choice.

Coopers Cafe, the Studio is above.

Lucy's ripple blanket and posy cushion 

A pretty crochet border for an uncurtained window

The very varied menu at Cooper's Cafe. Lovely friendly staff too.

A quick trip up to the town from there, brought me to the canal bridge and just as I reached the top, coming towards me I recognised Heather from the blog Tiny Tin Bird. Heather is another superb crocheter and her blog is about the lovely blankets she makes and her little, Tiny Tin Bird, son, who just recently was one! I stopped and said "Are you ........"   struck dumb, and she said "Yes". Then I remembered it was Heather and she was with her Mum. When you meet a blogger you have only read about, it makes the blog real when you meet the actual person. I told her who I was and she said she recognised me from the photo on facebook.

One of the historic buildings on the way to the town.

A quick walk back to the station (I didn't need to have done that as the bus went through the town), to get the yarnbombed bus! It was packed and I had to go upstairs, I've not been upstairs in a bus for years and years, and it quite took me back.

Eventually we arrived at the cattle market and disembarked. The entrance for bus passengers was at the back, right into the sheds. Everyone was getting really excited and we all paid our £5 and went in. It was so very busy, it was difficult to move for people standing around in the aisles talking. I wanted to poke my elbows out and get past, as I love to have a quick look, then go back. I hate sauntering, as it's very hard on the knees and joints. It just showed the success of the advertising that there were so many people.

There was just so much to see, it was like being a child again in a sweet shop. How could you decide what to buy? I had made up my mind I wasn't going to spend a lot of money as I had loads of yarn already waiting to be used. Also wouldn't make any expensive snap decisions. I did buy about 6 balls of Drops yarn, one a pinky marl sock yarn, so very soft, a purple one the same and then a couple of balls of Alpaca for my Mum.

I came to a central area and was amazed to see above me, the thousands of triangles that had been crocheted into bunting. These came from all over the country and indeed from outside of the UK. I can't believe how much time must have been spent putting this together!

I was trying to find the knit and natter area where Lucy had a display set out. Eventually I found it, She had all her crochet blankets, ripples, granny squares, a beautiful posy cushion and an exquisite flower scarf in an amazing luxury blend yarn. I was pleased to find that the Stylecraft acrylic yarn that she has used on some blankets and projects, felt wonderful to touch, and despite my yarn snobbery of not liking acrylic, it is much nicer than the one I am using for the child's knee blanket and wish I had bought the Stylecraft. One of the highlights was a crochet covered lampshade that Lucy had been showing, stage by stage, on the blog. Heather had done a display of crochet houses in a street which was also incredibly lifelike. Sorry I didn't get a picture of that either, as I managed to get a few words with Lucy and she is as nice as her blog shows her to be. There were so many people had come and wanted to talk to her.

Another highlight was a pen with Alpaca in.  I am a sucker for sheep and alpaca and these animals didn't disappoint. Their fur was so bouncy, you can see why it makes such good insulation in the cold weather. They are such pretty animals and if I ever had some land, that is what I would have. There were adults and two bigger baby ones.

There were so many people that I didn't feel like queueing for ages for something to eat, so I waited. Just had some soup and a roll, then a chocolate muffin and coffee afterwards when it had gone quieter. I then walked over the car park to get the bus back to the station. A lovely end to a fantastic day. I hope they have another next year.

On the station, I came across the same ladies I'd travelled from Leeds with, so I joined them on the way back, they were going to Liverpool. We chatted and laughed all the way back, and the journey lasted no time at all, no chance to sleep, which was what I was going to do!

On the way back to Leeds, the line goes past Saltaire, which has now been restored and what a grand building it is. There was a whole community built around the mill. I would love to pay a visit sometime.

The view in the sunset, from the top at Leeds Station.

Apparently Yarndale was an idea which germinated at a Knit and Knatter group and a committee was formed and it took off from there. I can say it was a well run event, and there was such a lot of organisation required to put together this. You all did well! Congratulations.

That's really all I am going to talk about this time, I've already written far too much. Until next time folks. Sorry if you aren't interested in knitting/crochet but I know there are a few that will be.


  1. I once went to the cattle market in Birmingham to hear a speech by none other than Harold Wilson. Not only did the cattle market stink, but also the Prime Ministers speech!
    I do hope your cattle market here came up 'Smelling of Roses'?
    I notice you all went in through the gate marked 'Calf Unloading'. LOL
    However it sounds as if you all had a fantastic day. I know absolutely nothing about 'Sew & Chatter' or 'Knit & Natter' but I read this interesting post all the way through and decided that I just love that 'posy cushion' shown on that chair......."I Want One"!

  2. Hi Bernard. Ha, like the first comment! Yes it did smell a bit but heck, it is a cattle market. It is a place in Skipton that is home to lots of events that require space. Well, as wool comes from sheep (and alpaca as shown), it is fitting that it should be held there I think.

    There were some strange people who walked in and said the place smelled of animals - well what did they think it would smell like, Chanel?

    Yes, I'm glad you noticed the Calves Unloading photo! Did you like the bus?

    Sorry Bernard, I've not made that cushion myself yet, although I may just. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post on it. Speak to you soon.

  3. I could have gone if it smelled of cattle. It's perfumes that make my voice go- vocal cords spasm up. Been crocheting granny squares for aocal project making blankets to help older people keep warm in the winter. I must say looking at the photos gets me itching to try something different. Got loads of yarn I could use.