Sunday, 20 October 2013


Phew, the visit is over. Mind you I didn't know when they were coming until the actual morning. I'd got all this food prepared and had a phone call at 08.30 saying they were coming over that afternoon. So, decided on a quick tea, sausage, mash, beans, mushrooms and egg rather than hoping the Shepherds Pie would defrost, followed by ice cream. They wanted to take us out for dinner the following night.

So, made one large mess of the kitchen cooking the above, funny how something so simple can use lots of pans and take up lots of room and more difficult than something like Shepherds Pie? MiL didn't like beans, only ate one sausage and left most of the potatoes. Step FiL ate everything, plus the spare sausage and I think husband ate the beans, typical. They didn't want blueberries with ice cream, nor yoghourt. Eventually washed everything up, phew again. That's the in word this week.

Before dinner, we sat and chatted and despite my nervousness, it went well, I'd baked some wholewheat scones which went down well. Mind you I could have thought of a nicer drink than hot water!!!!!!!

The next day I had to be out of the house at 8.30 as I was doing a work day for Sustrans on the Transpennine Trail, and had to go right across the town and be there by 9.30am. I'm not too good on mornings and getting out, since I finished work. When I was working for the last few years and gave up my 'good' job, I worked for NWAutoTrader and worked nights in Production, getting the magazine off to the press was the last stage in its generation, so was almost in the land of nod at 8.30.

7 of us cut back about three feet of brambles and lots of undesirable trees were coppiced. I'll show a before and after picture and here's one of me brandishing a machete! Don't you think I look fierce? Would you like to meet me on a dark night? Someone mentioned I still had my helmet on, but I just forgot to take it off and didn't have a cap or hat.

It rained just as I was leaving to cycle home and I managed to get saturated on the outside and just a little damp on the inside but was cold and a bit shattered from the constant really hard physical work. Also, was tired because had trouble with the asthma so legs weren't working as well as they ought to have been. So, home, dripping, fire on full belt to warm up house for a bit, water on for bath, cuppa and a little read in the bath where I do admit to falling asleep for about 10 minutes. Then afterwards, fell asleep for about 30 minutes.

Out to dinner at the hotel that night and I do really think that eating out is an expensive luxury and grossly overrated. We were being treated but I still think it is a waste of money, if they didn't want me to cook, we could have had some sort of a takeaway and chatted at home. The hotel was one of those which has just this last couple of weeks been taken over and totally refurbished in the ground floor, even though it's only a few years old. It's been rebranded in a warehouse style, lots of exposed bricks, 'flames' in fires between room sections and painted furniture, urban style. Flashing disco type lights on the bar and too loud, not our kind of music, which for some reason, was unable to be turned down.

The next day they were off so I went back to the hotel, husband had to go to work, to see them off, so we had a coffee before they went.

Husband said afterwards to my son, that I was 'magnificent' in coping with the visit as I'd done most of the hostessing.

Saturday afternoon, I went to fill up the Defender with diesel and didn't need to do any shopping at all, so much of the food was untouched. In the afternoon, I called to a jumble sale to see if I could find some long sleeved long in the body sweatshirts for husband to trash at work. I managed to find, one pink M & S cashmere sweater, c/w two moth holes, both of which can be sorted, one angora jumper and a couple of other things. Today, I've been reading my travel book of cycling around the UK, knitting, washing the two woollies I bought to rid them of any possible moth residues. My No 1 (only) son visited and told us about his impending house move, and quite a nice day really. Leftovers from food bought in for tea, a bit of an easy day. Rained on and off all day.

I've just downloaded a pattern for crochet socks, sideways and started to print it off but annoyingly, the printed ran out of ink after two pages. I have a new printer so can't refill the ink, will have to wait tomorrow to instal the new one.

That's enough for now, I'm exhausted thinking of it all.

All that will too quickly grow back but it should take two or three years before it gets back to the former state. The idea was that between the two bridges, one the M6 and the other the main road, as it is a bridlepath as well, the bit jutting out prevented sight round the corner and if you were coming downhill fast, or riding down, people coming other way couldn't be seen. Apparently our work was almost £300 in value.

Next time I have a picture of my Wingspan scarf to show you, after all this time of knitting and then leaving in the cupboard over summer. Until then.

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  1. Love the machete photo. I will try to match you today