Thursday, 24 October 2013


I bought an Epson printer as the ink jets on mine had all bunged up. I also didn't know how I could change individual ink cartridges (doh). Now I will do a check every few uses to see which ones are running down. I hate just buying new when the other sort of works but to buy new ink cartridges for the old one would have been almost the price of the new one.

Anyway, I realised it is not a half hour job installing a printer, I had visions of just plugging it in and it working. Noooooooo. You have to do all these things, then instal a USB lead to link it to wireless, then remove etc. Yes, all going well, just the last step to go. The arrows were bouncing back and forth on the diagram, then this stupid message comes up, telling me it was either one thing or another. Tried again, six times and still the same ruddy message. Gave up. Keep USB lead in.   I could have just got one that was NOT wireless, cheaper if this was going to happen. I have no idea what went wrong, checked all the things to check but some I don't understand. Will have to ask son after he has moved house.

One positive thing, I have finished my Wingspan scarf. Do you like it?

I have also sort of finished my Noro vest. However, the increasing/decreasing thing seemed to awry on the second side. I think it is going to be too high in the neck for what it should be. I think a solution would be to sew up the side seams, leave the couple of stitches open at the shoulder (they go to a point), then pick up stitches around the armholes, as it's not very neat, knit a couple of rows, which will give a larger shoulder area. Then, if necessary, will pick up more stitches around the neck, but really don't want to do that. Tomorrow I will lightly press the two pieces, before joining the sides. It looks generally lovely, colour and style wise, I just hope the top can be worked out.

I feel a bit angry tonight after having listened to the news about the old man whose wife died and the carer who subsequently worked for him privately afterwards, sued him for redundancy. The world's gone mad, I can understand anyone sueing a large company but not a very vulnerable old man. I really would like to shake her, I would. I can't put into print what I am feeling. I really hope that people who know her and know what she has done, will make her feel really, really bad.

I've almost finished reading my cycle journey around Britain's coastline. I am enjoying it immensely and love Mike's sense of humour and his ability to laugh at himself. I have ordered from Ebay another book which is by Peter Mortimer, who walked in Britain, without any money apart from an emergency fund stashed away to be used only in dire necessity. He has written another book about a year on Holy Island. Now anyone who knows me know I am totally besotted with that place, only been there once but if I could go again, I would really love to. I'll let you know what it is like when I've read it.

Shouldn't have done this, but well, at least I will have it there for the future - I've ordered a few colours of Stylecraft Special DK in rich, bright colours. I want to start another blanket and having seen the yarn at Lucy's corner at Yarndale, would love to try it myself. I am not really keen on synthetic yarn at all but can't keep buying lush stuff and everyone raves about the Stylecraft, so why not try it?


  1. You shouldn't have to check ink levels everytime you use you new printer. The printer should check them itself and give you a little window (bottom RH corner) confirming the printing. Mine gives a wee message 'Ink is getting low' under the corresponding colour.
    You are right about how expensive they are. My printer, a Canon, has five cartridges which if all needed replacing would put me back £16 x 5 = £80. Now wonder you bought a new printer. You can replace them individually of course.
    I don't expect that 'carer' brought the action herself. A lot of this 'compensation' culture is driven by trade unions and the legal teams. It's really a claim on his insurance policy I expect. Not that I support this kind of thing at all. I cringe at all the adverts on the telly encouraging people to 'claim, blame, CLAIM'. (It all comes from USA I believe?).
    Cheers... B

  2. Bernard, I was replacing all the different ink cartridges, instead of checking on the printer utility which ones were low.

    My new printer sadly isn't so sophisticated as my old one. It doesn't have a screen, which I didn't realise, though they all had them. My problem was and still is, putting it on wireless. I'll just wait until son has moved house and ask him if he can do it for me.

    So far as the carer is concerned, she did have a choice of whether to sue or not. if she employed someone to cut her lawn and then told him not to do it, how would she feel if he sued her? Surely she can't expect a private employer, who probably paid her cash in hand, to fund her 'redundancy'. There won't be anyone employing cleaners/gardeners etc.

  3. I’ve just bought a Canon printer and went through the exact same thing – why does everything have to be so hard???
    I love your Wingspan scarf it’s so pretty.
    As for that “carer” one can only hope she gets the same kind of care when she gets old.

  4. Couldn't agree more, Barbara, to your last paragraph. Did you ever get your printer on WiFi? I'm now having trouble changing the time on my Panasonic video/dvd recorder/player. Last time it did it automatically and I can't find any way of getting into settings to change it. The book is 1/4" thick that comes with it and doesn't actually tell you in so many words, just how to do it on set-up. As I set it up in 2006, I have no idea at all. I suppose I could still record but it is such a blether with having to have the channel showing and having right AV setting etc, I do it on a wing and a song rather than knowing correct way, as I've never been shown.

  5. Morning Campfire,
    On reading the ‘Sunday papers’ this morning, a headline caught my eye ‘Cycling with no knickers!’
    I immediately thought of you. Only because of the cycling element – of course. :)
    I wouldn't dream of inquiring into lady cyclists secrets.
    No more ‘numb-bums’ it seems?
    “It was only about halfway through my ride that I noticed my backside wasn’t starting to numb.”
    You can read all about it here -
    Cheers.... Bernard :o

  6. Morning Bernard! I had already read that article, there is a group called Cycle Chic on Facebook.

    Ha, I laughed at your comment thinking of me when reading "Cycling with no knickers". Hmm, still not got to grips with that, in all my cycling years, tend to wear underwear under cycle shorts! Maybe I should give it another try? One thing, I won't publicise it! A friend of mine posted something on facebook, to the effect she wasn't wearing underclothes! WHY? I didn't bother to ask, what a numpty.

  7. Bernard!

    I did! I know I said I wouldn't publicise it but I don't really count here as I don't advertise blog anywhere. I'm sure I did it before but heyho, only cycled 6 miles but a marked improvement, even with my Brooks Saddle!