Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Yippee, things have improved a little. I found a likely candidate for replacement Disco for TH and it was in Lancaster, we went up to see it and it had been previously owned by a mechanic, so we said we would have it. Touching wood and everything else, crossing fingers, thumbs and toes that it behaves itself. Funnily enough the guy who previously owned it lives not far from where TH has his garage.

I've to take Merlin to the vets tomorrow, sad really as he has to have his teeth out. I really feel for him, I wish I could make it all go away. He will be frightened going there and yowl very loudly all the way and I will feel like a total traitor leaving him. I am told that he will adapt well enough to eating as the gums go hard. I know what I was like when I had to have a tooth removed about 15 years ago, I was devastated and cried when I got home. My teeth are rubbish but I have looked after them after having lots of crowns, bridge and regular dental visits.

I had a bit of a sort out the other day and took lots of stuff to two charity shops. It's difficult to know which shop to take things to. One supports people going on courses and self help groups and the other one is a cats charity. Well you will have gathered my love of cats! So I share the stuff. I'm also selling some stuff on Ebay, not getting a lot for it but it makes me feel good getting a bit of cash which will go towards wool etc. It's very difficult to decide what to get rid of, as there are things I don't wear because we don't go out much but if we did, I would need appropriate clothes. Then there's the cycling stuff as well. That takes up a bit of room, the shorts/3/4 bottoms, waterproofs etc. I really don't have work type clothes as I gave dressing up for work years ago, when I moved from a job where I needed to be very smart to one where I could wear jeans! Very liberating too.

I have hardly touched the bike, with all this to-ing and fro-ing, visiting Mum and sorting out my wardrobe a little. I have managed to do a bit more of my crochet ripple blankie and hope to give it to our friends soon. I really want the baby to get it before she is 5! Thankfully she is 9 or 10 months old and as it will be ready very soon, there is HOPE.

Yarndale at Skipton is at the end of this month and I would love to go just because I want to visit Skipton. I would go on the train, as there will be lots of people around and parking may be limited. It's nice having the opportunity to relax on the train too. I will decide early next week.

Well, I'm going to send this to press and let you know how Merlin goes on after tomorrow, so just have a look at these:
Just a photo of Merlin taken the other day. He loves sleeping in the sun.

I really think I ought to update my underclothes!

Do you think these are alluring?


  1. Lovely picture of Merlin. He looks like my son`s cat Mushroom(Mushy for short). When she was tiny she was the colour of mushrooms, hence the name.
    I have to do my wardrobe sort out when I come back from holiday. I always have a sort out twice a year. I give a lot to charity shops, recycling all that was origionally bought from there as well. So, I`m twice re-cycling. I usually do the same with books I read and any shoes I`ve changed my mind on. There will only be a few clothes to go this autumn a I had done a good old cull during spring time already and not a lot was bought since then.
    Now, who on earth would wear knitted or crocheted knickers in this day and age? Are you intending to make these?

  2. Sarina, lovely to hear from you as I can't get to comment on your blog, it won't let me put in text! No, I certainly am not think of knitting underwear! I took photos for The Black Sheep Wool Barn, as I have a couple of really old books full of knitwear. Quite entertaining.

  3. I`m a collector of old cookery books and I guess I read them with the same interest as you do with those old magazines.

    1. Forgot to meantion that I don`t understand why you can`t leave comments on my blog, as all other followers seem to manage alright. Not sure if it`s something to do with my settings or yours. I will look into it when I get back from Marrakech.