Saturday, 21 September 2013


Oh dear, oh dear! I do get myself in a state, sometimes. I sold a Samsung Galaxy Tab with 3g and wifi on Ebay. I couldn't believe the amount of money I got for it - apparently they are collectors' items, even though they are slower than the current or previous to current model. I sold it a few weeks ago and buyer didn't pay, said 'sorry I thought it was a 10 inch' despite the fact it was headed up 7" tab! He also bid twice for same thing!

Anyway, I simply ended the sale, I couldn't be bothered to file a non payment. If he didn't want it, he didn't want it! Simples. Now I sold it and couldn't believe it when I had a message timed 8.15 (when I was in bed) which I read at 11am " dear buyer, please could you help. I am travelling to Africa on Monday evening and I'd love to take the tab with me." So me being me, rushed around packing the tab up, trying to get to post office to post. Got to Post Office, and apparently the collection is 11am and it had gone. I couldn't send special next day delivery until Monday. I looked up couriers and they could only collect Monday. I wasted about 2.5 hours on this. Decided just couldn't do any more but write to lady/man. Answer came back, not to worry! Well I do worry, as I try to please everybody most of the time.

So, that's gone, will re-pack on Monday, as I realised I forgot to include the case in the rush.

Merlin seems to be improving, although he is doing a good deal of sleeping. I will have to give away some of the food I have for him, as it is a stranded sort of chicken. He will be able to eat a pate type food. Poor little cat will have to go again on a stressful visit to the vets on Monday just after lunch.

I looked up at next door's roof yesterday and there were about 8 white doves sitting there. Quickly rushed back in the house for my camera. Here they are, luckily they remained until the photo had been taken.

Nothing more to say just now, just letting off air, so to speak!


  1. A sad day for all of us thanks to Elf'n Safety. ie EU rules!
    Vote UKIP to get our beetles back! :)

  2. Oh dear, that's terrible Bernard. Is this just for the hire circuit, as there are lots of them out there in the classic car show area. I'll post a photo I took of a couple of lovely ones at Flookburgh if I have not already done it.

    So you had a totally clinical holiday in your whatever it was called Eurosomethingorother?

    1. Sad to say, I now have a Euro approved Renault Kangaroo! (Kangoo), with Elf'n Safety air bags.
      I expect this new law is for new registrations as all old motors are exempt from new legislation (even seat-belts in some cases). Camper-vans are just sooooo out of my price range. The VW California is around £42,000.
      I see this every day as I drive past the main VW distributor in Wooburn Green.
      I'm still thinking of a wee caravan to tow behind the van for next years rallies.
      Cheers.... B.

  3. Aruba - I would love one but have nowhere to put it. I'd love it as a girl shed and use it for weekends, say on a piece of land somewhere. However, I wouldn't like to have to drive miles to go in my "shed" so will have to make do with home.

  4. Just came across this on my Sunday morning read of the online press.
    Thought you might like a peek?

    1. Sorry. I should have added that it is a gallery of VW Campers. :)