Sunday, 8 September 2013


Well, the beginning of this week didn't start well at all and it continued the whole of the week until yesterday (touching wood).

On Monday I received a phone call from TH saying he had broken down just at end of slip road (not sure if on motorway) just coming off, and he had no tools with him and would have to ring the RAC. I had to take cat to Vets for a blood test to see if he could have surgery for tooth extraction so couldn't go over to him and what I could have done I don't know!

Eventually he had to be towed back. This blasted vehicle he's got is one he HAD to have!!!!!!!! Men! His own ancient Range Rover which looks so very scruffy, would be coming off the road, has now been off the road, at the end of July. He would need something to replace it for work/everything else, until he could afford to do welding on the other. He wants to restore it as it is a rare classic one and to those that are in the know, are really collectable (even the main agents admired it, scruff though it is).

So, he decided to get this Land Rover Discovery,cheap, with V8 and Gas. Quite old, but quite posh with leather seats. We've never had anything with leather seats in before. I didn't want him to get it as I thought it was too complicated. (I TOLDDDDDD YOU SO!) When we got it the gas didn't work, although it did when we tried it. So he was running it on petrol (ouch).

So this week I have been to the other side of Chester twice, taken him to work, collected him from work every day, and was completely shattered. A part which he was waiting for didn't arrive and so we had to wait another day.

One of the days when I was about to pick him up, then we were both going over to Knutsford for a meeting, I tried to ring my Mum and had no reply, about six times. Mind working overtime, I imagined her in a heap behind the front door, etc etc. So after that I decided to drive over to Mum's before picking him up. Couldn't go right away as I'd have been stuck in the business rush, and wouldn't have been going anywhere, just getting frustrated so made myself do a few things before setting off.

I parked up quickly, opened the front door, (naturally) and literally ran upstairs, shouting Mum. A little voice came from somewhere - and she was just opening the hall door! She knew by the way I ran upstairs that I was worried. She had been having a nap, then went to post a letter and was in and out of the garden. It's just that I don't normally ring at that time! Panic over, I had a cuppa and a chat and set off to collect husband.

To cut this story off now, on Friday morning, the part had arrived the second time we went to Chester. The phone rang and - guess what - he'd fixed it! I was so relieved, I was really. The annoying thing is, he is a fantastic mechanic, rebuilds engines to a high degree of precision apart from certain things that require special machinery and he outsources, is one of the best welders, and it was so frustrating that he couldn't get the thing to work. Getting a bit modern I think!

Anyway, really, that's all that's been happening this week. I've only been on the bike to the shops and back, and I'm really feeling it. My saddle has slipped down again, I forgot to ask TH to tighten it up again after I'd adjusted it. I find myself realising how bent my knees are when pedalling, and I hate it when that happens, it makes your knees bad too.

Oh, yes, forgot to add, to add insult to injury, we were supposed to be going over to the Land Rover Show at Peterborough and staying a B&B, and that had to be cancelled as (a) it was the cost after buying these parts and (b) the time he had lost! I'm not bothered about that now, have 'got over' it but it would have been a lovely break, if a long drive. I managed to cancel the B&B so haven't lost out but he gave the tickets away, so lost that!

Just thinking too, I had had an invitation to join some friends for a week in Skye, which I couldn't go because I was going to Peterborough. Then still couldn't go as I thought I'd still be ferrying TH about. Meanwhile had made app for cat to have teeth done later this week and also have a hospital app tomorrow, just a 6 month check up on my eyes. Would  have been lovely. I'll tell you all about the Skye and the Vets next time.

So, can I find a photo to add to make this post less miserable???? Let's have a look.

Very sorry about the distinctly miserable post! Somehow, you feel though as if you've got something off your chest, simply blogging about it? Better than moaning at the husband, as he feels badly enough about it himself, and I REALLY haven't said the equivalent of I told you so, just very mildly said I disagree with his choice.

A friend's Bengal went exploring in her bathroom and another one followed to see what he was doing!

This is a sudden impulse little blankie for a friend's baby, who is now 9 months old. It was too late when I realised she had had this baby to knit something, as she probably had too much stuff, so thought this could be used for in the push chair and a cuddle blankie, and that is why it is such bright, even garish colours. The colours I bought seemed a bit insipid so I introduced some bright ones, as I know babies love bright colours. I don't have much more to do, and I hope she will like it. It's Attic24's ripple pattern, think 13+1 stitch combi, but can check if you want to know.

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  1. What a time of it you've had, Cf! Hope all settles down now, and the blanket is lovely! :)