Saturday, 21 September 2013


Oh dear, oh dear! I do get myself in a state, sometimes. I sold a Samsung Galaxy Tab with 3g and wifi on Ebay. I couldn't believe the amount of money I got for it - apparently they are collectors' items, even though they are slower than the current or previous to current model. I sold it a few weeks ago and buyer didn't pay, said 'sorry I thought it was a 10 inch' despite the fact it was headed up 7" tab! He also bid twice for same thing!

Anyway, I simply ended the sale, I couldn't be bothered to file a non payment. If he didn't want it, he didn't want it! Simples. Now I sold it and couldn't believe it when I had a message timed 8.15 (when I was in bed) which I read at 11am " dear buyer, please could you help. I am travelling to Africa on Monday evening and I'd love to take the tab with me." So me being me, rushed around packing the tab up, trying to get to post office to post. Got to Post Office, and apparently the collection is 11am and it had gone. I couldn't send special next day delivery until Monday. I looked up couriers and they could only collect Monday. I wasted about 2.5 hours on this. Decided just couldn't do any more but write to lady/man. Answer came back, not to worry! Well I do worry, as I try to please everybody most of the time.

So, that's gone, will re-pack on Monday, as I realised I forgot to include the case in the rush.

Merlin seems to be improving, although he is doing a good deal of sleeping. I will have to give away some of the food I have for him, as it is a stranded sort of chicken. He will be able to eat a pate type food. Poor little cat will have to go again on a stressful visit to the vets on Monday just after lunch.

I looked up at next door's roof yesterday and there were about 8 white doves sitting there. Quickly rushed back in the house for my camera. Here they are, luckily they remained until the photo had been taken.

Nothing more to say just now, just letting off air, so to speak!

Friday, 20 September 2013


I said that Merlin was having some teeth out and I did everything as requested, starved him from 8pm, locked him at night before, prepared sandwiches the night before so I could just get up and run, so I wouldn't have to contend with loud yowling for his breakfast.

Last thing before leaving, I went into the garage, and Merlin heard the door open, and I think realised with everything else going on, that something was amiss! He shot off into the conservatory. I caught him but he then clung onto me like a limpet and the only way I could get him off was to let him go. He then ran upstairs and was about to go under the bed, never to be seen again, when I managed to get him. Poor cat, he was terrified. All the way to the vets he treated me to a long tirade of yowling, yelling and cat swearing. He told me exactly what he thought of me.

Well, I felt like a traitor when I left him. I duly collected a yowling, but a bit quieter cat at 4.30. He had had 4 teeth out. Not too bad, a bit disorientated and this morning he looked at the water dish as if he had no idea what it was. We managed to get a syringe of pain killer down him this morning and this evening. He had some cooked very finely chopped chicken.

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago I had something made for a friend of mine, who was 60 on the 9th September. I now can show you the pictures as she has obviously received it, it was her birthday whilst they were in Skye so I didn't see her face, but she was so delighted with the presents. I suppose I could have made it myself but I just wanted to have it ready. Next time, I will do one myself.

My friend's little dog. I really wanted the dog to be central but the guy who did it for me said he thought the eyes should be in the centre. I didn't really have time to ask him to change the sizing again so I left it. I'm probably just picky but it doesn't seem balanced to me.

Isn't this lovely? She was thrilled to bits with it.

I'm still sorting out stuff to sell/charity shop. I have some cashmere jumpers, some of which were actually bought from a charity shop, and have decided to put them on Ebay,then I know that people will realise they have to be hand washed. Also, the cash will go towards the money I had to shell out for fuel when I was ferrying TH about. I also want to try to go to Berlin this Autumn, and will go towards that. However, I fear that it may be a bit late to be walking around Berlin. I once went in November and it was dismal, damp and grey. I wanted to go this year as next year I will be 70 and it seems like an awful age and you don't know what will happen in the meantime. That sounds very negative but I get these moments. There has been such a lot I've not done for years because of TH's business I just hope everything is not too late.

I was having this clear-out of woollies as we seem to have a problem with moths this year in the UK. One thing is that we have more clothes, so the ones we have are used less and as you wouldn't (or at least I wouldn't) wear a woollie jumper once then wash it, it gets put back in the wardrobe/drawer and maybe forgotten. Then Mr and Mrs Moth decide to make babies and lay eggs and there you have it, holes in your best knitwear and woollen fabric.

Again, no bike riding because weather in between going to Mums hasn't been great. I will really have to get my act together.

I've been watching the Tour of Britain on TV when I can. The stage from Stoke on Trent to Llanberis was very exciting towards the end when Mark Cavendish surprised by coming from really far back, the bunch were behind, to then winning. Great stuff, very thrilling.

I can't think of anything else to say, so I'm going to sign out here, hope you all have a nice weekend and I hope Sarina has a good holiday. I hadn't realised she was going away.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Yippee, things have improved a little. I found a likely candidate for replacement Disco for TH and it was in Lancaster, we went up to see it and it had been previously owned by a mechanic, so we said we would have it. Touching wood and everything else, crossing fingers, thumbs and toes that it behaves itself. Funnily enough the guy who previously owned it lives not far from where TH has his garage.

I've to take Merlin to the vets tomorrow, sad really as he has to have his teeth out. I really feel for him, I wish I could make it all go away. He will be frightened going there and yowl very loudly all the way and I will feel like a total traitor leaving him. I am told that he will adapt well enough to eating as the gums go hard. I know what I was like when I had to have a tooth removed about 15 years ago, I was devastated and cried when I got home. My teeth are rubbish but I have looked after them after having lots of crowns, bridge and regular dental visits.

I had a bit of a sort out the other day and took lots of stuff to two charity shops. It's difficult to know which shop to take things to. One supports people going on courses and self help groups and the other one is a cats charity. Well you will have gathered my love of cats! So I share the stuff. I'm also selling some stuff on Ebay, not getting a lot for it but it makes me feel good getting a bit of cash which will go towards wool etc. It's very difficult to decide what to get rid of, as there are things I don't wear because we don't go out much but if we did, I would need appropriate clothes. Then there's the cycling stuff as well. That takes up a bit of room, the shorts/3/4 bottoms, waterproofs etc. I really don't have work type clothes as I gave dressing up for work years ago, when I moved from a job where I needed to be very smart to one where I could wear jeans! Very liberating too.

I have hardly touched the bike, with all this to-ing and fro-ing, visiting Mum and sorting out my wardrobe a little. I have managed to do a bit more of my crochet ripple blankie and hope to give it to our friends soon. I really want the baby to get it before she is 5! Thankfully she is 9 or 10 months old and as it will be ready very soon, there is HOPE.

Yarndale at Skipton is at the end of this month and I would love to go just because I want to visit Skipton. I would go on the train, as there will be lots of people around and parking may be limited. It's nice having the opportunity to relax on the train too. I will decide early next week.

Well, I'm going to send this to press and let you know how Merlin goes on after tomorrow, so just have a look at these:
Just a photo of Merlin taken the other day. He loves sleeping in the sun.

I really think I ought to update my underclothes!

Do you think these are alluring?

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Well, the beginning of this week didn't start well at all and it continued the whole of the week until yesterday (touching wood).

On Monday I received a phone call from TH saying he had broken down just at end of slip road (not sure if on motorway) just coming off, and he had no tools with him and would have to ring the RAC. I had to take cat to Vets for a blood test to see if he could have surgery for tooth extraction so couldn't go over to him and what I could have done I don't know!

Eventually he had to be towed back. This blasted vehicle he's got is one he HAD to have!!!!!!!! Men! His own ancient Range Rover which looks so very scruffy, would be coming off the road, has now been off the road, at the end of July. He would need something to replace it for work/everything else, until he could afford to do welding on the other. He wants to restore it as it is a rare classic one and to those that are in the know, are really collectable (even the main agents admired it, scruff though it is).

So, he decided to get this Land Rover Discovery,cheap, with V8 and Gas. Quite old, but quite posh with leather seats. We've never had anything with leather seats in before. I didn't want him to get it as I thought it was too complicated. (I TOLDDDDDD YOU SO!) When we got it the gas didn't work, although it did when we tried it. So he was running it on petrol (ouch).

So this week I have been to the other side of Chester twice, taken him to work, collected him from work every day, and was completely shattered. A part which he was waiting for didn't arrive and so we had to wait another day.

One of the days when I was about to pick him up, then we were both going over to Knutsford for a meeting, I tried to ring my Mum and had no reply, about six times. Mind working overtime, I imagined her in a heap behind the front door, etc etc. So after that I decided to drive over to Mum's before picking him up. Couldn't go right away as I'd have been stuck in the business rush, and wouldn't have been going anywhere, just getting frustrated so made myself do a few things before setting off.

I parked up quickly, opened the front door, (naturally) and literally ran upstairs, shouting Mum. A little voice came from somewhere - and she was just opening the hall door! She knew by the way I ran upstairs that I was worried. She had been having a nap, then went to post a letter and was in and out of the garden. It's just that I don't normally ring at that time! Panic over, I had a cuppa and a chat and set off to collect husband.

To cut this story off now, on Friday morning, the part had arrived the second time we went to Chester. The phone rang and - guess what - he'd fixed it! I was so relieved, I was really. The annoying thing is, he is a fantastic mechanic, rebuilds engines to a high degree of precision apart from certain things that require special machinery and he outsources, is one of the best welders, and it was so frustrating that he couldn't get the thing to work. Getting a bit modern I think!

Anyway, really, that's all that's been happening this week. I've only been on the bike to the shops and back, and I'm really feeling it. My saddle has slipped down again, I forgot to ask TH to tighten it up again after I'd adjusted it. I find myself realising how bent my knees are when pedalling, and I hate it when that happens, it makes your knees bad too.

Oh, yes, forgot to add, to add insult to injury, we were supposed to be going over to the Land Rover Show at Peterborough and staying a B&B, and that had to be cancelled as (a) it was the cost after buying these parts and (b) the time he had lost! I'm not bothered about that now, have 'got over' it but it would have been a lovely break, if a long drive. I managed to cancel the B&B so haven't lost out but he gave the tickets away, so lost that!

Just thinking too, I had had an invitation to join some friends for a week in Skye, which I couldn't go because I was going to Peterborough. Then still couldn't go as I thought I'd still be ferrying TH about. Meanwhile had made app for cat to have teeth done later this week and also have a hospital app tomorrow, just a 6 month check up on my eyes. Would  have been lovely. I'll tell you all about the Skye and the Vets next time.

So, can I find a photo to add to make this post less miserable???? Let's have a look.

Very sorry about the distinctly miserable post! Somehow, you feel though as if you've got something off your chest, simply blogging about it? Better than moaning at the husband, as he feels badly enough about it himself, and I REALLY haven't said the equivalent of I told you so, just very mildly said I disagree with his choice.

A friend's Bengal went exploring in her bathroom and another one followed to see what he was doing!

This is a sudden impulse little blankie for a friend's baby, who is now 9 months old. It was too late when I realised she had had this baby to knit something, as she probably had too much stuff, so thought this could be used for in the push chair and a cuddle blankie, and that is why it is such bright, even garish colours. The colours I bought seemed a bit insipid so I introduced some bright ones, as I know babies love bright colours. I don't have much more to do, and I hope she will like it. It's Attic24's ripple pattern, think 13+1 stitch combi, but can check if you want to know.