Tuesday, 13 August 2013


The first day of Flookburgh went very well, the weather was hot but windy and we did a lot of walking around. There was a lot of interest shown in TH's 1972 Range Rover, which was probably the  last time it would be shown for a long while, probably not passing another MOT. So it will be shored up until time permits its restoration. In fact when it is shown on a stand of posh, shiny Triumph Stags, it gets more interest than they, and it is, believe me, very scruffy, the tailgate sends a shower of rust when you open and close it. However, he LOVES it! As it is fitted with a very large, Perkins Diesel engine, it achieves a miraculous 36 mpg! The engine is the sort that you would see in a tractor, and completely fills the space under the bonnet. It is not a fast vehicle, which I like as I don't like driving at speed or being driven at speed either. I think I've only driven it once though, not easy to prise it off him.

Anyway, enough of cars, cars aren't my interest really but I have just had to become interested as it is all TH thinks about.

I've not had much time to cycle since coming back, as TH was suddenly taken with Vertigo the day after we came back. I had to go up to his garage to bring him home. I had bought him a BioFlow magnet from the show and I just hope that it wasn't the effect of that? What do you think? To be honest I told him to take it off as he needed to recover quickly as he had a car to put a rebuilt engine in, then re-assemble and make it right for the MOT.

TH was in bed for 4 days and then went back to work for a few hours, I brought him back, then took him up again the next day and left him there. He seems OK but says he still feels a bit dizzy!

A footnote to the above, TH came home tonight saying that the car had passed the MOT and the guy is coming to collect it (and pay for it) tomorrow.

Our vehicles

Look at these three little darlings

The owner of this pretty caravan built it on the chassis of a trailer or small caravan,in wood, to resemble a true Romany caravan. It was really cozy inside.

This was the 'pesky' cat that we were warned about that might come through the bathroom window in our room. Sadly it didn't, and we were missing our dose of feline company over the weekend.

These were curly Retrievers, aren't they gorgeous, and they were so gentle too.

I do love getting down and dirty and taking photos of large vehicles, making them look even larger

I couldn't resist taking a shot of these gorgeous Type IIs
Another dog in a trolley
Until the next time, have fun.


  1. Nice pics. I love that Romany wagon!

  2. Thank you Sarina. I'm glad you've commented, as I have been trying to comment on your blog for ages but when I click on subscribe or comment, I get a lot of text (rubbish writing). So, not avoiding you, just unable to access. Hope you and family are well, and that lovely little girl thriving.

  3. Vertigo is no fun! I don’t really know what a BioFlow magnet is, my dad used to swear by his copper bracelet (for arthritis) but maybe that’s different?

    I love all your pics, especially the three little dogs in a pram and the Romany caravan. I used to play in one of those when I was a little girl. It was left in one of the farm fields and became a magnet for the kids.