Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I've not really had much to write about and when I thought of something, there didn't seem enough time to sit and write about it. Now I've forgotten what I was going to write about. Must be my age or lack of concentration.

We went to a Classic Vehicle show at Manchester, the same one we went to a couple of years ago. It was a super day, good weather, too good perhaps, as I was rather red faced even though I covered my arms up. There were the usual cars which I didn't really look at but I went to look in the hangar and had a further outside viewing of Concorde, but didn't go in, as we did that last time. We saw Airbus land and then take off again, which was magnificent to watch. After a while I had another walk around and found a Class 40 loco, or at least part of one, that you could go in and sit at the wheel. Naturally I did that too. I hope that the drivers could adjust the seats, as I couldn't see out of the window.

I do hope the drivers of this train could raise the seat! I'm 5'2", so not extraordinarily short, there are plenty of men my height.

These were so beautiful and tiny. They are burrowing owls, (I think). They would allow you to stroke them.

My friend came over from Newcastle on Friday and we went for a short ride to the Lavender Barn cafe and had a spot to eat outside, under a tree. They have lots of interesting things for people to do and were in the process of hosting a childrens party with pony rides. There were lots of little girls with great big riding hats on, queuing up to get on the pony. Thelwell came to mind.

They have a couple of duck ponds and there were a pair of these tall black ducks. I've forgotten the name but I think it was Scottish something or other, any ideas folk?

I've got a few projects on the go at the moment, I'm making a top out of a skirt by doing the simplest possible alteration, unpicking the seams at the top and making a wide boat neck. It's not long enough for me to take it up properly and finish off. I'm sure it will look fine when it's done.

Have lots of other projects on the go, like a lovely chevron tunic in Noro, which I've been doing for over a year. Have to be in the mood though to do this. I'm also doing a scarf for a friend but not decided what type to do, it will be something with a shape but not sure what shape!

Righty ho, until next time - which will hopefully be soon as I am adding these photos later than writing the blog post. I've been on a trip away last weekend so will tell you about it then.


  1. I guess the duck is a 'Black Bannock Beakless'. :)
    Now you do really look as if you were wanting to be an Engine Driver when you were little? One thing I want to know - did it really have a steering wheel? How on earth can you steer a railway locomotive???

    1. I have no idea, Bernard. I can't resist sitting in the 'driving' seat of planes, trains, etc. I have driven an artic and tipper though, and had a go at driving a bus in Manchester Bus training school.

      The duck did have a beak though!!!

  2. Hey Cf :)

    Don't know what was happening when you tried to 'follow' at mine. I signed out and tried, no problem, took me to the Googley bit to follow as always. Maybe just a blip of some sort the day you tried?

  3. Had a right carry on trying to comment hence the test. Looks like you've really been able to Enjoy this lovely weather as have I . Best wishes Brenda