Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I always look forward to attending the CTC Cycle Show held at York Racecourse, Knavesmire, York. I meet up with friends I only see on this weekend and we 'hang around' for want of a better word, rather than do any serious cycling. One of the things we do is cycle along the York Selby cycle route to Riccall, where the ladies of the chapel there open up especially for the cyclists and provide a wonderful display of cakes, sandwiches and endless quantities of tea and coffee. The all is usually full and people waiting to sit down. If you want, you can make a longer journey of it but we usually like to get back to the showground and take advantage of what the show has to offer.

Sadly this year, the committee has decided that looking at advance bookings, and taking into consideration the last couple of years poor attendance, together with the bad weather around the same time, they wouldn't even break even and reluctantly cancelled. I don't think there has ever been a cancellation in the whole time of the rally. Hopefully it will go on next year, in conjunction with something to do with the Tour de France.

HOWEVER, last night I had an invitation to a party! Not Manchester/Liverpool/even London but Cologne. Now I immediately thought that I would go, then I thought that I've been wanting to go to Berlin for ages and haven't never had the guts to go and book it. Why not use this as a spur to book? After all, I can visit my friends in Cologne any time, no need for a party excuse. So now I am trying to co-ordinate flights with places to stay, not easy, for if you book one, the other might have just slipped away.

I will let you know what happens. The other thing is that if you go with EasyJet, the flight arrives at 9.02, so I would have to get from airport to whatever flea ridden place I decide to stay in. Not entirely accurate, although I wouldn't mind a hostel if I were with other people but I'm mostly concerned if there is anywhere secure to leave your stuff when you aren't there. I don't want an apartment as I would wish to mix with other people, rather than being isolated. A nice small hotel/guesthouse would suit me just fine.

MORE TO FOLLOW: What area shall I stay in?


  1. Ooo...sounds very exciting! Will be watching for loads of photos. Please. LOL