Thursday, 2 May 2013


Oh dear, once again, it's ages since I posted but I just haven't really had much to say. We've been very busy, husband had to find a home for some of his vehicles, as they were in storage in the middle of nowhere in darkest Cheshire, where even I, who know the area from cycling, would have great difficulty finding the farm.

We eventually found some lock up garages not far from home, and the vehicles were moved there this week. They will be used as parts for existing vehicles. My mind boggles, why couldn't the parts be procured when necessary rather than all this rigmarole? Don't ask, it's mens' stuff.

The last week has seen me firstly streaming with a cold and sore throat, then coughing my heart out resulting in a further sore throat. I hate coughing, it must be so annoying for others in my presence. I'm still blowing my nose and coughing at the same time.

Anyway, today I decided to get out on the bike, as it hasn't been used for a week. I just went about 5 miles out and then back. It was lovely to go out and lovely and warm, with a light breeze.

Last week I took an old lightweight ladies bike to the cycle shop in the market hall and the two young men made such a mess of it I just told them to put it together somehow and I'd take it. They hadn't a clue on the braking system, which was one of those cantilever systems and the bike is from the 80s. It wasn't safe to ride home so I left it at a lightweight shop, which I should have done in the first place, and it was done within a couple of days at a very reasonable price. I caught the bus home and did the reverse to collect it.

Sorry, no photos today, I wanted to push on with my LITTLE ride and didn't want to keep stopping and starting and getting the camera out. Until next time.


  1. Sorry you haven't been well! This changeable weather makes life very difficult, doesn't it? It's been many years since I cycled, but you made it sound lovely! Glad you got your bike sorted eventually!

  2. Oh, you found me, Penny. It's good to hear from you.

    Actually cycling has been my main interest since I was a child. It was quite a serious interest too apart from a few years away from it. Sadly my riding has decreased over the last few years, mainly due to other pressures and I have nobody to cycle with, so it can get boring. Also, to get any distance I have to travel right across the other side of town, before getting anywhere, so I just keep to cycling in my own area, or taking a train and cycling along the trail, combining my Ranger duties with a nice ride (plus some photos).

  3. Sorry you are under the weather, but the bike ride sounds like fun. Its ages since I went out on a bike.
    Terry & I visited Dunster Castle last week. It might be too far for you, but it's well worth a visit. There are some pics on my blog if you want to check it. Barbara

  4. Sorry to hear you were feeling ill lately. A sunny bike ride can lift spirits and often makes you feel much better. A reliable bike repair shop is a god sent. I have a very good one just minutes walk away. They also sold me my latest bike at a very reasonable price. I`ve just come back from a short bike outing myself. You might want to have a quick look at my blog.