Sunday, 7 April 2013


It's ages since I did any trail monitoring, mainly because of the bad weather and the area I feel as if I now ought to cover was very muddy last time I went down. I've then got to get back home and get on a train covered in mud, which isn't very nice. This is not today but a few days ago, so forgive me for not posting it sooner. Today I did another bike ride but didn't take any pictures.

The area which was originally given to me seems to have recently been covered by people who live very close and they go on it so regularly it seems rather silly for me to waste time going over it again, so I've decided to go less frequently and cover the far extent of the region, which nobody seems to visit.

I went to Widnes by train, cycled down the great downhill stretch to the river, had a quick look under the Widnes bridge then realised I wouldn't have time to go out to Hale Village and then go back to Warrington, so turned round. I wanted to check up on the route near Sankey, where I believe work was being carried out.

The Catalyst Museum is a place I would love to go around but I've always been in a hurry, just time for a cuppa and a sandwich or something. There were lots of school children, a couple of parties of them, some of them playing on the structures outside. Since my last visit there is a rail, that they sit on and swoop downhill, without the obligatory water feature in the middle to get wet!!! I loved science at school, well Biology was my best subject next to Geography but I'm sure there would have been more children interested in science if there had been something like it in my day.

Warrington Borough Council for all their faults, do a very good job maintaining the Transpennine Trail in their area. They are starting to improve one of the sections which was very poor. I just hope it doesn't take too long.

Back home via the train, as somehow trail riding is harder than road riding, and I'd got a return anyway, it being the cheapest way of buying a rail ticket.

The Widnes/Runcorn Bridge

I can't remember what the name of this church is, but it is in the middle of a pretty rough area but quite lovely.

I seem to take lots of pictures of Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, mostly in sun.

I really don't know what sort of a ship this is, it's moored at this marina.

This barge is next along. I wouldn't mind having a few days on board, just for a change.

Part of the trail improvements, looking back towards Widnes.

These improvements will be very welcome, the trail gets very muddy along this particular stretch, probably due to poor drainage.


  1. Great to hear you're back ridng. Love this as it's part of where we cycled last year. We'll be off to Scotland in June.

  2. Well, Scotland sounds a lot more promising than our area, Brenda. I must say I think your neck of the woods looks a lot more interesting with the great coastline, although I don't envy you the winters.