Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lodger overnight

I know I only posted yesterday but if I don't mention this, I will have forgotten.

Came downstairs this morning to find a bit grey Persion type cat with huge golden eyes lying Sphinx style on the eastern style carpet! His name is Hugo and he enters my house my night, stealthily but I can often hear him coming through the cat flap if I'm awake. If I get up and come down, he shoots out again, looking terrified.

This morning, however, he just lay there, I spoke to him and he allowed me to stroke him. He walked over to the conservatory door and I stroked him again before letting him out. I couldn't understand why he was still there. I found out later, when I heard scrabblings at the front door, when Marmite, another social visiting cat, was trying to get in. The flap had become stuck and once in, in for good!

Well, that's it, I seem to have a home for visiting cats which would be fine by me but Merlin hates them all, apart from tolerating Marmite.

Till next time. (sorry no photographs).


  1. Hi there, thanks for leaving a comment on my have replied on the blog but thought I would also come and say hello here. You can contact me by email by clicking on the email link in the right hand side of my blog (re the dance series of books).
    I loved reading about your late night visitor and am going to follow your blog in the hope that I remember to come back soon. Barbara
    PS if you would like to follow my blog I would be delighted.

  2. Hi Barbara, it's really nice of you to comment. I haven't written much recently, due to various things but am going to try to keep it up. I love to add photos but sometimes I would be repeating them, which could get boring.

    I am at the moment re-reading (again) the Lorna Hill books, the first few are paperbacks, pretty ordinary really, not worth anything but after I've done the more rare ones, I might think of parting with them. Is it a bit sad a woman of my great age reading pony and ballet books? Then there are the Arthur Ransome ones too. Mind you, I have just read the complete Susan HIll Simon Serrailler crime series, which I have loved. I don't want to part with those either.

  3. Not sad at all! I tend to read a couple of 'grown up' books followed by lots intended for children. If anyone comments on what I'm reading I just say it's for research!