Friday, 18 January 2013


Well, it has come as predicted, and there were some fat flakes this morning, easing off a little as the day wore on. The place where TH's car had sat overnight didn't cover over, so it was melting. I believe in the Midlands there has been an earthquake. We once had one when I was at work on the night shift. It was weird to experience it.

TH rang me at about 11am to say if I went out in the car to be very careful of the side roads, as it has snowed on top of ice. So I decided I'd cycle to the local shopping centre, just to get some air really and buy some washing up liquid which once the bottle gets to a certain level I am often left with none at all very quickly. I went on the recumbent trike. It would be a little difficult when it wasn't on a level and if I went off road and via the track, I might have to push. It was thrilling to pedal without worrying about slipping and going head over *** well, handlebars, and had to get good acceleration down a little hill just to get up the other side. I asked some nice guy if he would take a picture of me rather than me balancing the camera on a post and going back ten times to actually get me in the picture, so here is the picture.

A bit colourless, I've never bothered finding out how to stop up and down for taking photos  when surrounded by lots of snow, or sky, or sand. Must read the manual.

I've left my little mascot on the front, to add a little colour to the snow and the frozen pond.

Well, made it to the shopping centre. The main roads were clear as they had been gritted but it was great in the Park. It would have been much easier to go on the road, but - I don't always like to make it easy for myself. Just posted a parcel of odd balls of wool to a fellow blogger, bought some Fairy Liquid (I know, I normally buy Aldi but this was a HUGE bottle for £2.) Called into the charity shop just to mooch and found a set of bamboo DP needles for socks, as I seem to have completely lost all my mini circulars and the cheaper circulars, and I want to knit a hat too. They were 25p, so I gave them a bit more as they were nice needles.

Back again via the other park, which is a bit on the wild side - the paths are narrow and it was very hard to get the rear wheels through the snow, as it was untrodden snow. Also, where there had been mud and were deep ruts I had to get off and push. So, it was very good exercise and I feel shattered now but very virtuous.

Ruts ahead! Get off and walk if stuck.
I shovelled a bit of snow from the path and applied rock salt when I came back.

Now, what do you think this is? Answers, not on a postcard and I will tell you later.

Just in case you can't see properly, this is crochet

And here is a little more of my T shirt rug/bag project. I think it will have to be a rug as I would need to be a weightlifter to have this over my shoulder, particularly with shopping in it.

Well, folks, that's all I can think of just now. Just please keep safe on the roads and footpaths and if you don't already have them, buy some ice spikes that are now very popular. I've had mine for years, when they were selling them off very cheaply at QVC outlet store near me. I have given a few to some of my friends. Now they are far more accessible and cheaper. Until the next time!


  1. I thought of getting a trike so that I could go out 'drinking & driving'! My mates meet up at a country pub & I never get to go as I don't really fancy sipping lemonade all evening. I couldn't manage a bike after a few jars!
    It looks a great idea for the snow & ice, but having solved the 'balance' issue - how do you manage stopping it?
    Now a tech bit - I notice toeclips, but why don't your feet fall downward and out of them? I can't see a heel-rest of anything like that.
    Don't know much about knitting - but my mother used to call that - Rainbow-wool.

    1. Bernard, I usually tighten up the toe straps, I have toe clips on my other bikes. I don't have clipless on the trike as it would mean I had to wear cycling shoes to go to shopping centre, etc. However, those are very cheap pedals which sounds ridiculous with Campagnolo toe clips!!! There is no flip bit so I usually have to lean forward to put the foot into the clip. A bit inconvenient as you can't do it on the run. Stopping is only a problem going downhill on ice.

      The wool is either classed as 'fairisle' or self stripingb. I've not heard the term rainbow nowadays.

  2. Silly question maybe, but does your neck hurt when on that bike? I mean from having to 'hold' it up? Otherwise, looks very comfy! :)

  3. No, K, it doesn't, as it is round about a normal sitting position. I used to have one that was a bit more 'laid back' than that and the lower ones do tend to make your neck ache. I sold the other one to a lovely 85 year old man, about 4 years ago, and he still rings me up periodically for a chat and sends me books and Christmas cards telling me how much he enjoys it. The reason I sold, was that this one is a more casual machine and I don't have to be wearing all the gear, and the right shoes to cycle on it.

    Have you much snow over there??

  4. Hi AM
    Just catching up. Great to see the trike up close . How difficult is it when you have to push it?
    Brenda in the Boro