Friday, 7 December 2012


Life is so unexciting at this time of the year! Nothing happens, the skies are grey and it has rained so much over the last few weeks. Poor people in flood areas have had homes and possessions damaged and even a whole row of houses in Whitby (I think) is in danger of collapse and their occupants have had to be evicted as the gardens just slid down the hill, endangering a house below. My brother and sister in law live in Somerset and put on Facebook photos of the devastating flooding in the area, 3/4 of a nearby farmer's land is under water. They are lucky as they live on a rise and have managed to avoid flooding. When you look at that, it does make you feel very lucky that all you have to content with is a bit of rain.

We went to Knott End, on the opposite side of the river from Fleetwood on Sunday looking at a Series Landrover for TH's mother. We sat and looked at the sea and hills of the Lake District from across the bay. In part the sun was shining but then it became very grey. We drove over to Bolton and collected a Land Rover on the way back.

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Look at the hills in the distance and the sea wall covered by water.

That is Fleetwood over the water. There is a proper little squat ferry that goes backwards and forwards, it seems to be rounded at both ends. You can just see it nestled to the left of the red bouy, near that low roof.

That is looking from the path at Knott End up river. Look how grey it has become.

The weekend before we went to a club lunch and I was sitting next to a very nice lady who unfortunately had not quite recovered from a virus, which she managed to pass on to me. Had I been in that position I wouldn't have gone. I have had it for a week and a half and still feel bunged up, chesty and dizzy with being bunged up. Some people just don't think, lovely lady though I know she is. Now TH has come down with it and for him it is not funny, he has had heart problems and is diet controlled diabetic. Mind you he does admit to having 'man flu' - and says he is a wimp. To which I agreed, wholeheartedly. Just keep dosing him with max strength Vitamin C fizzy tablets. He does take VC every day, and has an apple and orange with his lunch too, which is more than I do, forgetting to do so for myself. My vitamin taking is extremely sketchy. The only thing I really do watch out, is my eye drops every night for pressure, a result of my old eye surgery.

Right, have had that moan. I've been crocheting things for neighbours for their Christmas presents and daughter in law would like a phone sock, preferably hand crafted. I called into the Black Sheep wool barn and bought a ball of cerise cotton, which will keep its shape and not bobble in her hand bag and will also go with the bag I made for her last year, if she uses it (maybe she does, after saying that remark). She gave me a list of things to choose from, none of which are expensive, so she is getting the lot. She doesn't do computers much and doesn't know about this blog, so I'm not giving any secrets away. I have sent my mitts to my friend in Easingwold and I hope she gets them soon as she has just written on Facebook that her car is a write off, think it's repairs rather an an accident, and will be feeling pretty wretched, as it is 22 miles into York where she works. I have also finished my curly scarf for my friend but not photographed it yet.

The mitts are a little brighter than they appear but not royal blue. 
I joined a seam on the outside of the wrist, making a hole for the thumb without  stitching. It seems quite a lot neater than the others I have done where I have joined them at the thumb side

Well, that's all for today, I am sorry it does seem like a moan but once I have my head unblocked I know I will see things much differently! I have, incidentally kept away from my Mum's house, I must say as a family we always had this rule you didn't visit anyone when you had a cold. And, no, I am not a hypochondriac, just reasonably sensible, as my Mum is 92 and we don't want her getting pneumonia.


  1. You are right. If you get a cold stay away from those who may be vulnerable. You can't stay wrapped in cotton wool bit a bit of common sense is needed. Like those fingerless mittens
    Brenda in the Boro

  2. Popping over from mine . . . I haven't received anything about the DVDs and cannot find your email addy for the life of me! Could you either email me (if you can find my address, lol) or try to send via the contact form on my blog, please?

    Thanks, sorry for the confusion! ;)

    1. I've just done the 'contact form' with another email address. I'll also try to find your email address as I know I have it somewhere.