Saturday, 15 December 2012


I've had a really good day today, TH stayed at home doing some paperwork and it was just so relaxing, discussing what he was going to write, making cuppas here and there, and eggy bread, sausages (for him) and fried tomatoes for lunch. I've succumbed to raiding the mince pies, don't know why I'm not really keen on them but needed something sweet. We're going to have another day tomorrow, as he's got to attack his accounts. He is terrible and leaves them because he hates doing them. It makes no difference if I nag or not, there is always an excuse. I don't understand his business as it involves fixing car bodywork, rebuilding engines and he obtains parts from one place or another but the parts don't necessarily go on the same vehicle. It would be impossible for me to do this sort of accounting, it's not like getting a boxed part and using only these for a job. Anyway, I do everything like gardening, decorating and everything else, so I really don't feel guilty at all for not doing them.

I printed off a recipe that I got from a bloggy friend which is no bake biscuits. I'm going to try them this morning as I'm out of biscuits. They are chocolate no bake, and you can make them without chocolate and add peanuts. I'm all for doing things a time saving way so here goes.

Here is a picture of some mitts I made for one of my followers (Dreaming of a cottage by the sea) too, I forgot to take a picture and so she kindly took this one for me. I crocheted them sideways and seamed them on the outside, making a thumbhole in the main body of the mitts. I didn't use a pattern (well, really, they're just straight crochet) but hopefully the second one was the same as the first one!!! I won a giveaway on  her site, the lovely blanket which I photographed a while back and I felt I wanted to make her something in return. The wool was interesting to work with and I hope they give her as much pleasure as I got from making them.

I'm not a Christmas person, sorry all who are, there have been so many upsetting Christmases I would just rather have a few quiet days without any fuss. I do like buying/making people Christmas presents, providing I know or have an idea what they would like. This year I asked my D-i-L (last year I just made a few things) and she gave me a list to choose from. I went over to Manchester to get the things she asked for, no doubt she intended me to get one of the items. I also made her a phone sock, crochet and I've yet to fathom out how to decorate it. It's just a little envelope in a delicious shade of cyclamen pink. Maybe a flower like on these mitts? What do you think? Also a shell edging at the top. I don't want to make it too difficult for her to get into the sock, as I know how long it takes me to undo my phone and I find it goes onto voicemail by the time I've, (a) found it and (b) opened it.

I sold my Contax camera the other day for a very good price and the guy who bought it left me great feedback and also wrote to me thanking me for the speedy delivery and the good packing and condition of the camera. I was sorry to see it go but am glad if is going to a collector. I keep plugging away at Ebay but I think that will be the last going on before Christmas as it is doubtful if anyone would get an item and a buy it now costs a bit to put on.


  1. I'm pretty hopeless with my accounts but its no way as difficult was your hubbies. Still did gets mine sorted and with the accountant. Still sick with this cold virus but at least I'm out of bed. Am doinga bit of knitting
    Brenda in the Boro

    1. Oh dear, Brenda, hope you're soon better. We have both been bad, me first then TH. Neither of us spent time in bed although he has lay in bed a bit until I kicked him out! We haven't had the sickness, so probably not so bad, although mine lasted almost 4 weeks, still blowing nose etc.

      I've just done a shell edging on phone sock. No knitting.