Monday, 31 December 2012


Well, thankfully Christmas has come and gone and I managed to cook a meal to be ready all at the same time. My Mum came as son and DiL were away. Mum said the meal was beautiful (wouldn't go quite so far as that) I did chicken breast basted with honey done in tin foil. I partly cooked veggies and steamed at last minute (not a thing I would normally do but this was an exception, I normally just steam them in time). We had a cheesecake for dessert, rather than a heavy pud. I hate feeling full and like to be able to nibble things at Christmas.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and did just what you wanted to. We all have different ideas of what we like to do.

Whew! I have just had three days husbandless as he took over a Land Rover to the Isle of Man. It was a nice change to have the house to myself, watch what I wanted on TV (he is now watching that AWFUL programme Impact Wrestling, which I can't tell you how much I hate, I can't stand listening to them talking! I used to watch wrestling on the TV with my Dad when I was still at home but this is all sheer hype. Sorry I just HATE it.

Went to collect TH from Liverpool airport and missed one of the turnings on the motorway changes and ended up doing a scenic! tour of Liverpool suburbs in the dark. Fortunately I am far better finding my way on normal roads than nameless motorway junctions and managed to find the route to the airport quite easily. It was dark and chucking it down, the little Beetle didn't really like it.

Yesterday I actually ventured out on the bike, I'm afraid only a couple of miles there and then back again, feeling the need for some exercise. Just needed some cat food as the poor thing would have been starving by New Year's day. I believe we're going to be having some warm weather after this week, so hopefully I will be able to get myself back into the swing of doing a bit of cycling.

Whilst TH was away I had a go at a sock knitting loom, which I had bought very reasonably from a lady on a knitting loom site. She apparently had two and I was happy to buy it at such a good price, in case I didn't like it. The funny thing is, when you are wrapping the wool around the pegs you have to remember to hold it tight at the end, otherwise it just jumps off and you've got to start wrapping again. So very frustrating. I did just a few pegs, maybe will make a phone sock, I know there are some mistakes but it won't matter. Whether it is faster than four needles I can't say at the moment. I'll post some pictures, when you can see the front side of the sock, it's not quite long enough yet.

Anyway, I just want to wish you a very Happy New Year and hope it brings you what you want and more.


  1. Happy New Year to you and TH. Hope it`s going to be a good year.

  2. Great to here you've been on the bike. Happy New Year
    Brenda in the Boro