Monday, 31 December 2012


Well, thankfully Christmas has come and gone and I managed to cook a meal to be ready all at the same time. My Mum came as son and DiL were away. Mum said the meal was beautiful (wouldn't go quite so far as that) I did chicken breast basted with honey done in tin foil. I partly cooked veggies and steamed at last minute (not a thing I would normally do but this was an exception, I normally just steam them in time). We had a cheesecake for dessert, rather than a heavy pud. I hate feeling full and like to be able to nibble things at Christmas.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and did just what you wanted to. We all have different ideas of what we like to do.

Whew! I have just had three days husbandless as he took over a Land Rover to the Isle of Man. It was a nice change to have the house to myself, watch what I wanted on TV (he is now watching that AWFUL programme Impact Wrestling, which I can't tell you how much I hate, I can't stand listening to them talking! I used to watch wrestling on the TV with my Dad when I was still at home but this is all sheer hype. Sorry I just HATE it.

Went to collect TH from Liverpool airport and missed one of the turnings on the motorway changes and ended up doing a scenic! tour of Liverpool suburbs in the dark. Fortunately I am far better finding my way on normal roads than nameless motorway junctions and managed to find the route to the airport quite easily. It was dark and chucking it down, the little Beetle didn't really like it.

Yesterday I actually ventured out on the bike, I'm afraid only a couple of miles there and then back again, feeling the need for some exercise. Just needed some cat food as the poor thing would have been starving by New Year's day. I believe we're going to be having some warm weather after this week, so hopefully I will be able to get myself back into the swing of doing a bit of cycling.

Whilst TH was away I had a go at a sock knitting loom, which I had bought very reasonably from a lady on a knitting loom site. She apparently had two and I was happy to buy it at such a good price, in case I didn't like it. The funny thing is, when you are wrapping the wool around the pegs you have to remember to hold it tight at the end, otherwise it just jumps off and you've got to start wrapping again. So very frustrating. I did just a few pegs, maybe will make a phone sock, I know there are some mistakes but it won't matter. Whether it is faster than four needles I can't say at the moment. I'll post some pictures, when you can see the front side of the sock, it's not quite long enough yet.

Anyway, I just want to wish you a very Happy New Year and hope it brings you what you want and more.

Friday, 21 December 2012


Well, we watched the final in the Young Apprentice last night. I'm pleased Ashleigh won, I thought she was the best of the bunch of the finalists. The Irish girl, who had such beautiful eyes, was a little too mouthy for my liking. I don't know what we will watch on Thursday nights now, although TH watches Strong Man, I'm not interested in that.

Had a trip to the hospital yesterday for an XRay for the sciatica. Hope there are no major problems and that the physiotherapy I have booked for February will work. I spent a lot of money the last couple of years with acupuncture, which I quite liked but not paying for it.

We went to collect a Land Rover for M in Law on Wednesday. It is a Series III (80s) and on the way back it broke down, with a pin falling out of throttle cable. TH is very much a 'man who can' man and despite not having brought his tool kit with him, managed to find a piece of wire and do a temporary fix. He walked down the road hoping to find the pin, if it had dropped on the road, but that's an impossible task. I must say I was getting pretty desperate sitting in my vehicle, and needed the loo. It was also cold which didn't help. Quick decision, out of vehicle, over a bit of verge, and behind a mere vestige of hedge and - ladies loo! Would any of you have done that? Desperate measures, etc etc!

TH will have to go over to the Isle of Man to take said Land Rover over, on the ferry then probably stay a couple of days and come back. I'll have a couple of days to watch a DVD I want, eat salads and go to bed early and drink wine - ooh, what a treat for a change. And, no, I do not want to go.

Today was our 32nd ? anniversary and, guess what? He forgot! I really couldn't be bothered making a scene and telling him but I'm a bit miserable about it. It seems we are never to celebrate the event mainly due to when it is, it's too cold/near to Christmas to go anywhere, even if he could afford it. Pretty bad timing, hey? I tell you, next time I'll get married in June (hahahaha) Sorry for the moan.

Just this photo, one of my Ebay customers sent it to me, at my request. It is Tattershall castle in Lincolnshire, a place I remember from my childhood. In this photo it looks just like a Camelotish castle, I love the mystique. It is medieval, built of brick and towers above the landscape as it is flat.

This last one I dragged off the internet. I had completely forgotten what it looked like but it has brought back the memory, it was a strange shape.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


I am very pleased that the phone sock my D-i-L asked for is finished and so I can wrap her Christmas present.

Would you like to see it?

I used a mix of Bamboo with a little wool  and the colour is a beautiful magenta-ish shade, don't think the picture is too good as I took it in artificial light. I did alter the exposure and shades but I'm really happy with it and hope she is. I found the button for the centre in my button box, one of a few Mum bought me to use in craft works. No, it just looks burgundy. Think magenta and you might just have it.

In between cooking some mince I bought to put in the freezer for TH's hot pot, shepherds pie and whatever else is left, I wrapped a couple of presents, finished off my cards and just hope one of my old work colleagues will reply to my email asking for his address. I kept the card from last year for ages but now, when I want it, can't find it. I unfortunately hadn't put it on my card list, as it was a new address. I still get Christmas cards from all my old bosses, from way back to the mid 80s, one I moved to Preston to help him set up an office there when our company was selling part of the company which was a joint venture doing bitumen with Fina, the oil company. I went there for six months, came back and our own company was being bought out by a Venture Capital Company. I'm still in touch with those management now and am chuffed that they still think of me, after all this time. I left in 2000, and the bosses there left before that. All retired now. I always leave it to receive their cards, so they don't think they have to reply to mine!

We've had another lazy day, at least I have, TH has been on his knees (yes) sorting through 12 months bits of paper and putting them in piles. He's got them all in folders now and tomorrow will sort them. I'll give him a hand to do that, although I do have to go to Mum's for a couple of hours. I heated up a quiche from Aldi, very nice too, with some shredded cabbage, onions, peppers, cucumber and capers, mixed with - yes very ordinary salad cream as I didn't have any nice mayonnaise. Very tasty. Then a trifle, just too nice and have managed to leave some for tomorrow.

Think that's all for today, speak to you again.

Saturday, 15 December 2012


I've had a really good day today, TH stayed at home doing some paperwork and it was just so relaxing, discussing what he was going to write, making cuppas here and there, and eggy bread, sausages (for him) and fried tomatoes for lunch. I've succumbed to raiding the mince pies, don't know why I'm not really keen on them but needed something sweet. We're going to have another day tomorrow, as he's got to attack his accounts. He is terrible and leaves them because he hates doing them. It makes no difference if I nag or not, there is always an excuse. I don't understand his business as it involves fixing car bodywork, rebuilding engines and he obtains parts from one place or another but the parts don't necessarily go on the same vehicle. It would be impossible for me to do this sort of accounting, it's not like getting a boxed part and using only these for a job. Anyway, I do everything like gardening, decorating and everything else, so I really don't feel guilty at all for not doing them.

I printed off a recipe that I got from a bloggy friend which is no bake biscuits. I'm going to try them this morning as I'm out of biscuits. They are chocolate no bake, and you can make them without chocolate and add peanuts. I'm all for doing things a time saving way so here goes.

Here is a picture of some mitts I made for one of my followers (Dreaming of a cottage by the sea) too, I forgot to take a picture and so she kindly took this one for me. I crocheted them sideways and seamed them on the outside, making a thumbhole in the main body of the mitts. I didn't use a pattern (well, really, they're just straight crochet) but hopefully the second one was the same as the first one!!! I won a giveaway on  her site, the lovely blanket which I photographed a while back and I felt I wanted to make her something in return. The wool was interesting to work with and I hope they give her as much pleasure as I got from making them.

I'm not a Christmas person, sorry all who are, there have been so many upsetting Christmases I would just rather have a few quiet days without any fuss. I do like buying/making people Christmas presents, providing I know or have an idea what they would like. This year I asked my D-i-L (last year I just made a few things) and she gave me a list to choose from. I went over to Manchester to get the things she asked for, no doubt she intended me to get one of the items. I also made her a phone sock, crochet and I've yet to fathom out how to decorate it. It's just a little envelope in a delicious shade of cyclamen pink. Maybe a flower like on these mitts? What do you think? Also a shell edging at the top. I don't want to make it too difficult for her to get into the sock, as I know how long it takes me to undo my phone and I find it goes onto voicemail by the time I've, (a) found it and (b) opened it.

I sold my Contax camera the other day for a very good price and the guy who bought it left me great feedback and also wrote to me thanking me for the speedy delivery and the good packing and condition of the camera. I was sorry to see it go but am glad if is going to a collector. I keep plugging away at Ebay but I think that will be the last going on before Christmas as it is doubtful if anyone would get an item and a buy it now costs a bit to put on.

Friday, 7 December 2012


Life is so unexciting at this time of the year! Nothing happens, the skies are grey and it has rained so much over the last few weeks. Poor people in flood areas have had homes and possessions damaged and even a whole row of houses in Whitby (I think) is in danger of collapse and their occupants have had to be evicted as the gardens just slid down the hill, endangering a house below. My brother and sister in law live in Somerset and put on Facebook photos of the devastating flooding in the area, 3/4 of a nearby farmer's land is under water. They are lucky as they live on a rise and have managed to avoid flooding. When you look at that, it does make you feel very lucky that all you have to content with is a bit of rain.

We went to Knott End, on the opposite side of the river from Fleetwood on Sunday looking at a Series Landrover for TH's mother. We sat and looked at the sea and hills of the Lake District from across the bay. In part the sun was shining but then it became very grey. We drove over to Bolton and collected a Land Rover on the way back.

Add caption

Look at the hills in the distance and the sea wall covered by water.

That is Fleetwood over the water. There is a proper little squat ferry that goes backwards and forwards, it seems to be rounded at both ends. You can just see it nestled to the left of the red bouy, near that low roof.

That is looking from the path at Knott End up river. Look how grey it has become.

The weekend before we went to a club lunch and I was sitting next to a very nice lady who unfortunately had not quite recovered from a virus, which she managed to pass on to me. Had I been in that position I wouldn't have gone. I have had it for a week and a half and still feel bunged up, chesty and dizzy with being bunged up. Some people just don't think, lovely lady though I know she is. Now TH has come down with it and for him it is not funny, he has had heart problems and is diet controlled diabetic. Mind you he does admit to having 'man flu' - and says he is a wimp. To which I agreed, wholeheartedly. Just keep dosing him with max strength Vitamin C fizzy tablets. He does take VC every day, and has an apple and orange with his lunch too, which is more than I do, forgetting to do so for myself. My vitamin taking is extremely sketchy. The only thing I really do watch out, is my eye drops every night for pressure, a result of my old eye surgery.

Right, have had that moan. I've been crocheting things for neighbours for their Christmas presents and daughter in law would like a phone sock, preferably hand crafted. I called into the Black Sheep wool barn and bought a ball of cerise cotton, which will keep its shape and not bobble in her hand bag and will also go with the bag I made for her last year, if she uses it (maybe she does, after saying that remark). She gave me a list of things to choose from, none of which are expensive, so she is getting the lot. She doesn't do computers much and doesn't know about this blog, so I'm not giving any secrets away. I have sent my mitts to my friend in Easingwold and I hope she gets them soon as she has just written on Facebook that her car is a write off, think it's repairs rather an an accident, and will be feeling pretty wretched, as it is 22 miles into York where she works. I have also finished my curly scarf for my friend but not photographed it yet.

The mitts are a little brighter than they appear but not royal blue. 
I joined a seam on the outside of the wrist, making a hole for the thumb without  stitching. It seems quite a lot neater than the others I have done where I have joined them at the thumb side

Well, that's all for today, I am sorry it does seem like a moan but once I have my head unblocked I know I will see things much differently! I have, incidentally kept away from my Mum's house, I must say as a family we always had this rule you didn't visit anyone when you had a cold. And, no, I am not a hypochondriac, just reasonably sensible, as my Mum is 92 and we don't want her getting pneumonia.