Thursday, 15 November 2012


I've nothing much to tell you at the moment, except I had a nice visit from a couple who live in Germany and were over here visiting friends/relations. They brought the two people they were staying with and we had a lot of chat and showing of photos. I even baked some scones! Sorry, no photos to show you of the visit. It was a lovely couple of hours and I could have chatted with them for twice as long. I did enjoy it. They do a lot of travelling and write guides in English for cycle tours in Germany and Switzerland.

Just remembered another snipped of non-information really. I had a bike ride the other day, just local when I went the long way round to the bank about 3 or 4 miles away, so I made it a bit more. On the way back I called at some fishing lakes where I had heard they do a mean cuppa. I thought I'd try it for size and report to any of my cycling friends who happen to be in the area.

There is a log cabin clubhouse, very basic, in a typical mens large shed way, with two leather sofas, a great solid table and chairs with the most huge wood burning stove which was the size of a steam train, belting out heat.

The cafe was outside, rather like a mobile one, although it was another hut affair. I had a mug of tea, and a Twix bar for the grand sum of £1.40 and was made to feel very welcome indeed. I'm just going to post a few pictures to show you what lovely surroundings it is if you are into fishing (which I'm not).

Of course, I just found this and though you'd like to see what a sensible cat I have. I went upstairs to find Merlin on the bed on a hot water bottle which seemed to be just about warm, the cover does keep the heat in. He looked so comfortable, I went and filled it where he immediately lay on it. We do have a taste in hot water bottle covers. This is Mole. Mine is a lovely old version of Peter Rabbit.

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