Wednesday, 14 November 2012


My friend and I went in El Piano for some lunch, mainly because I thought she would enjoy the quirkiness of the place. It's actually vegan, vegetarian and gluten free but the food is very different and spicy with no additives etc.

We were actually sitting upstairs overlooking the street watching people coming and going, just next to the grand piano, hence the name of the place. The atmosphere is lovely up there, with vibrant coloured walls, and homespun rugs everywhere.

After that we walked the 15 minute walk to where M had parked her car and drove out to Easingwold. I can't believe I didn't take any photos of Easingwold, where I helped M move a washing machine out of a very tight corner to check it was plugged in, then we found the hose was kinked. After a water cannon spray, the connecting pipe was put back.

The poor girl had only moved in a few days ago and the problem was that there was nowhere to put the stuff whilst she build up items of furniture. I was hoping to have helped here but there was so much to do, she said no, she would look at it later.

A quick dash back into York, to catch my later train, in view of the water cannon spray! Mopping up carpet, even the budgies were sprayed!

Well I hope you enjoyed that trip. I did.

This is by the entrance to a park. I can't remember which one it is.

There was a really cold wind. I was on my way to collect my friend who had been rowing.

These girls were just bringing in their boat, after wiping it down.

I just took a pic of this crew and cut it to get a closer view.

This is Barley Hall, through a window. You can have receptions there. Looks fabulous. 
I wonder what SHE did to get put in the stocks? I hope they let me out soon, or I'll miss my train.
This is a picture of Easingwold, taken from a stock photo. It won't enlarge well. Sorry I forgot to take my own.


  1. So glad they let you out!

    They did let you out didn't they, you're not having to post from your phone in the stocks?? lol

  2. Yes, they did, thankfully, as there have been some cold nights. Maybe they needed to put someone else in there.

  3. We have sheltered on hone market place a good few times. Thanks for posting
    Brenda in the Boro

  4. Have you really? I've never been there before. I really loved the village/town. My friend had a place just about 7 minutes walk from there. She loves the quiet, although I would have thought it might be too quiet for her, she's only quite young.

    Brenda, have you been to Kilburn and seen the white horse on the hill? I've got a photo of it somewhere I could scan it and put it on, will probably do so anyway. You probably know this but there is the Mouseman's workshops and showrooms. I went to see it once when we were staying in Harrogate and I had had enough of walking round a truck exhibition. Beautiful, (but horrendously expensive) items.