Friday, 16 November 2012


I had an appointment in the town yesterday and thought I'd get some Christmas (grr) shopping in whilst I was there, leaving the car in the street next to my Mum's and getting the bus in to avoid parking problems. It's only a 15 minute bus ride into the town.

Not to be, however, as on my way to the appointment I remembered I had to bank a cheque for TH and knew it needed to get into his account, so rushed back to Mum's, had a couple of hours there, then rushed back home, collected said cheque and drove to the bank. Unfortunately that didn't count, they have to be in before 3.30, but at least it was in.

I saw a very funny thing walking through the actual town centre, what looked like a mobile market stall - photo below, was a man walking with a stall around him, pushing a shopping trolley. Very strange. You will see our skittles in the town centre. They were put there after the bomb in Warrington, all the town centre was changed. There used to be a roundabout with grass and orderly plants in the centre, when traffic used to go through. That was when I was a little girl. Then it changed to traffic lights with a polieman on point duty, then no traffic through at all. The streets are quite narrow and there always used to be traffic jams, even before too much traffic.

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I have a little odd project going on. What is it going to be? Well, I'm not sure at this stage but we will have to see at a later stage.

One T shirt, from the 50p box at the charity shop. Why is it on the floor?

The remains of another T shirt!

Hmm, big knitting. The wooden knitting needle is I think a 3.75, so you can see the scale. It's like knitting with a  brush handle.

Not yet decided what it is going to be. A bag, a bathroom mat? Any ideas?

Friday being the day I would go to the Lavender Barn, I didn't go as it kept getting darker and darker and I didn't want to be stuck in the rain. So I just cycled to the centre instead. Not much at all but I am pleased to say I am getting more used to my Brooks saddle, keep plugging in there.


  1. Glad you had friends to stay . I may well need their guides on future .
    Like your knitting . I can see this as a bath mat. Got the Aran jacket finished for my son but still working on mine . Also have started a cot quilt/floor quilt for a great niece who was born on Monday. Mum didnt get to hospital in time so she was born in the bathroom. Mum was ok but has developed an infection and is back in hospital . May go and help Sustrans today.
    Brenda in the Boro

  2. They didn't stay BrendaintheBoro, just a couple of hours - my house isn't big enough for people staying other than lying around on airbeds, student style!

    If you are interested in the guides, I will send you the information, I don't want to publicise it on here unless I asked them. (tbh I haven't told anyone I have a blog, I'm a bit embarrassed about it).

    The knitting is getting rather large now, it grows so fast.

  3. Yea please I would like to know about them for the future I hope to have cycling . I'm going to try to get my blog updated today .
    Brenda in the Boro

  4. Well, those are big knitting needles for sure! I can't think of anything other than a bathroom mat, but I do remember my mother used to use big needles (way back in the 1950's) to knit us boys swimming costumes! Yes, knitted 'bathing cossies'. Used to get heavy when they got wet and used to droop. (and make friends with our knees!)
    How did I find your blog? Well I was googling for VW camper-vans. You see, I'm retired and would like explore a bit more of our country and I was told not to buy a Motor-home as they were too tall to get into car parks. They said - what you want is a VW with a lift up roof. I'm not even sure they still make them? Anyway, I did a google and landed here, and I have enjoyed reading and looking at your many posts/pictures.
    An interesting blog Campfire. Well done.

  5. Hello Bernard, how nice of you to comment and welcome, are you going to be a 'watcher'? Well I don't plug my blog as I'd rather people just 'found' it like you did.

    You can buy more modern versions of the VW camper van. Unless you can restore a classic one yourself, have a lot of money, or have a mechanic you can TRUST, you'd probably be better getting a less picturesque but more practical version. If you've looked through mine, I have a 72 1303S which is a 1600 engine and does have some go about it but is still not so fast (at least not with me) as modern cars.

    I'll post some pics of camper vans from the last VW show I went to - just for you.

    1. "A watcher"? Yes of course I'll be a 'watcher'.
      But ..... I've only heard of readers and followers, but not watchers. The only watchers I recall were the Silent Watchers on the gates of Cirith Ungol. (Lord of the Rings). :o
      Can you really buy a new version? I may look into that. I'm not rich and I'm living on my pension, but I am planning to downsize into a smaller 'Hobbit-hole' and this may soon release a bit of cash for a nooooo motor. :) I've just been watching 'Victor Meldrew' driving around in a VW, but don't think it was a camper.
      I can see I shall have to go to a VW show - the only ones I get to see are at Steam Rallies and things like that.

    2. Of course Bernard, it is Follower. It doesn't show on my display for some reason.

      What I meant was there used to be a company that made them in Mexico, looked like VW Campervans but I think they were called Devon. They were at a car show the other year at Capesthorne in Cheshire. They were about £16,000 new fully fitted. I've just had a look on the internet but can't find any link to them.

      I'm just putting this link on for you, there is a forum and you might be able to ask questions.
      Personally, I would be inclined to get a decent VW van that is camper van shape, board it out and fit a bed platform and some sort of cupboard which you can put a two ring stove on. That is if you are handy and have the time. Keep it simple. Look at the recommendations that have been listed on the blog. It's true, I can't stand those lowered models, bugs or vans.

      Oh, Lord of the Rings, amazing, I can't wait to see The Hobbit.

      Saw Victor M driving up the Kirkstone Pass the other week, watched it on Catch Up, but don't know when it's actually showing. I've been watching Amazing Spaces.

    3. Hi CF. Yes it (follower) does show, but it is lurking over there on the right. There is a dark line on the right-hand side. If you move your mouse pointer near it - it will 'open up' and display 'followers' - AND..... you will see that I have been added. (I hope).
      Thanks for all your links and info. I shall investigate.
      Ha,ha. I like your idea of boarding up a standard VW van - and years ago I would agree - but now I'm an OAP I need a mattress!
      I have tender parts that I didn't have years ago. :)

  6. So another thing we have in common- Tolkin fans.
    We often see VW campervans on camping and caravaning club sites. There's a firm a one man band , at Holme on Spalding Moor who will do what you want with a van . He also hires out campervans. There's a couple of hire firms in the village but he's called Paul . Hope this is useful for you Bernard.
    Brenda in the Boro

    1. Hello Brenda.
      I am replying here as I assume your comment is for me. :)
      Yes, I'm a Tolkien fan, through and through.
      I need a van, or a caravan, because I need to stay overnight at rallies,steam fairs etc. I have an organ which I play, only small, so it would go in a van.(at present it goes in the back of my Renault Kangoo - but there is no room for me as well!)
      Thanks for all your help.

    2. Do you go to Flookburgh, Bernard? We've been for the last 4 years and really enjoyed it. I like the variety of things on show there, although this year was disappointing for many people because of the previous bad weather and the field was very boggy.