Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I should really have incorporated some of the craft element in my blog name but just couldn't think of a good enough one. There hasn't been much about Beetles other than Bernard's comments and not a great deal about bikes as I've only done such very mundane cycling it wasn't worth mentioning, like going to the shopping centre - the long way around!

Anyway, it's the time I panic and start knitting or crocheting little things which some poor unfortunate may be the recipient!

I found a pack of mohair in the local Hospice shop, and it was only 50p for 5 balls. It's mostly kid mohair and Picaud too, with what would have been a very expensive price tag on, for when it was originally sold. I don't know how old it is but the label does say a few years.

Anyway, started crocheting a curly scarf, won't say who for just in case but I don't think the recipient will read my blog. It's quite hard to crochet with mohair as your hook keeps 'missing' the stitch because it's so light. I have to do it quite slowly, so even though it is quite bulky, you don't get the advantage of fast growth because of the care you have to take doing it.

A curly scarf. Looks like I might need to go into the next ball!

Look at the lovely way the ball of wool has been wound, you can see it better now I've used quite a bit. It's almost a mathematical shape.

Has anyone any idea why the type face changes after I have downloaded photos. I'm not at all au fait with blogging so don't know all the intricacies of how you set up the layout of the blog. Any advice is welcome, thank you. I have just gone back to it, highlighted it and changed the type face, so maybe that's what I should just do.

I have just got to tell you about my new purchase from Amazon. So very simple but a solution to my laundry drying problems. One of my friends told me I was always talking about drying laundry. She has only herself to wash for so it's not so difficult.

I put up a tension rod curtain pole, the sort you buy for nets, between two walls. This is on my galleried landing between the main stairway support wall and the bathroom wall. I then hang not too heavy stuff over it. I already had one, as I probably have written about before, but that wasn't enough, so ordered one from Amazon yesterday and hey ho, it arrived at 11am today. How wonderful is that? The one I bought doesn't have a large area to put on the wall, like my last one, but I'm pretty happy with it and I hope it works, as all the heat rises from my living room. I will try not to mention it again.

Well, that's it for today. I've some more craft stuff coming soon. I am knitting a cat, one that looks rather like a doorstop type of cat! I did think it was in one piece but realised it would be a spaghetti cat if it was but sadly I have to knit another side. It's in three strands of chunky so won't take too long.

Friday, 16 November 2012


I had an appointment in the town yesterday and thought I'd get some Christmas (grr) shopping in whilst I was there, leaving the car in the street next to my Mum's and getting the bus in to avoid parking problems. It's only a 15 minute bus ride into the town.

Not to be, however, as on my way to the appointment I remembered I had to bank a cheque for TH and knew it needed to get into his account, so rushed back to Mum's, had a couple of hours there, then rushed back home, collected said cheque and drove to the bank. Unfortunately that didn't count, they have to be in before 3.30, but at least it was in.

I saw a very funny thing walking through the actual town centre, what looked like a mobile market stall - photo below, was a man walking with a stall around him, pushing a shopping trolley. Very strange. You will see our skittles in the town centre. They were put there after the bomb in Warrington, all the town centre was changed. There used to be a roundabout with grass and orderly plants in the centre, when traffic used to go through. That was when I was a little girl. Then it changed to traffic lights with a polieman on point duty, then no traffic through at all. The streets are quite narrow and there always used to be traffic jams, even before too much traffic.

Add caption

I have a little odd project going on. What is it going to be? Well, I'm not sure at this stage but we will have to see at a later stage.

One T shirt, from the 50p box at the charity shop. Why is it on the floor?

The remains of another T shirt!

Hmm, big knitting. The wooden knitting needle is I think a 3.75, so you can see the scale. It's like knitting with a  brush handle.

Not yet decided what it is going to be. A bag, a bathroom mat? Any ideas?

Friday being the day I would go to the Lavender Barn, I didn't go as it kept getting darker and darker and I didn't want to be stuck in the rain. So I just cycled to the centre instead. Not much at all but I am pleased to say I am getting more used to my Brooks saddle, keep plugging in there.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


I've nothing much to tell you at the moment, except I had a nice visit from a couple who live in Germany and were over here visiting friends/relations. They brought the two people they were staying with and we had a lot of chat and showing of photos. I even baked some scones! Sorry, no photos to show you of the visit. It was a lovely couple of hours and I could have chatted with them for twice as long. I did enjoy it. They do a lot of travelling and write guides in English for cycle tours in Germany and Switzerland.

Just remembered another snipped of non-information really. I had a bike ride the other day, just local when I went the long way round to the bank about 3 or 4 miles away, so I made it a bit more. On the way back I called at some fishing lakes where I had heard they do a mean cuppa. I thought I'd try it for size and report to any of my cycling friends who happen to be in the area.

There is a log cabin clubhouse, very basic, in a typical mens large shed way, with two leather sofas, a great solid table and chairs with the most huge wood burning stove which was the size of a steam train, belting out heat.

The cafe was outside, rather like a mobile one, although it was another hut affair. I had a mug of tea, and a Twix bar for the grand sum of £1.40 and was made to feel very welcome indeed. I'm just going to post a few pictures to show you what lovely surroundings it is if you are into fishing (which I'm not).

Of course, I just found this and though you'd like to see what a sensible cat I have. I went upstairs to find Merlin on the bed on a hot water bottle which seemed to be just about warm, the cover does keep the heat in. He looked so comfortable, I went and filled it where he immediately lay on it. We do have a taste in hot water bottle covers. This is Mole. Mine is a lovely old version of Peter Rabbit.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


My friend and I went in El Piano for some lunch, mainly because I thought she would enjoy the quirkiness of the place. It's actually vegan, vegetarian and gluten free but the food is very different and spicy with no additives etc.

We were actually sitting upstairs overlooking the street watching people coming and going, just next to the grand piano, hence the name of the place. The atmosphere is lovely up there, with vibrant coloured walls, and homespun rugs everywhere.

After that we walked the 15 minute walk to where M had parked her car and drove out to Easingwold. I can't believe I didn't take any photos of Easingwold, where I helped M move a washing machine out of a very tight corner to check it was plugged in, then we found the hose was kinked. After a water cannon spray, the connecting pipe was put back.

The poor girl had only moved in a few days ago and the problem was that there was nowhere to put the stuff whilst she build up items of furniture. I was hoping to have helped here but there was so much to do, she said no, she would look at it later.

A quick dash back into York, to catch my later train, in view of the water cannon spray! Mopping up carpet, even the budgies were sprayed!

Well I hope you enjoyed that trip. I did.

This is by the entrance to a park. I can't remember which one it is.

There was a really cold wind. I was on my way to collect my friend who had been rowing.

These girls were just bringing in their boat, after wiping it down.

I just took a pic of this crew and cut it to get a closer view.

This is Barley Hall, through a window. You can have receptions there. Looks fabulous. 
I wonder what SHE did to get put in the stocks? I hope they let me out soon, or I'll miss my train.
This is a picture of Easingwold, taken from a stock photo. It won't enlarge well. Sorry I forgot to take my own.