Friday, 19 October 2012


I'm really getting on with my ripple blanket (well small blanket) and I really like the colours. It feels so soft and I can't wait for it to be finished, apart from crocheting around the edges and covering up all the ends. I did try to do a 'farmers binder twine join' on the wool but it wouldn't ply together and looked very untidy so I gave up the idea.

I got the idea from Attic24 blog, which is a wonderful showcase of all Lucy's lovely work. I must admit to not having the room for all the stuff she manages to do but I felt I simply had to make a ripple blanket or blankette maybe it should be called.

Merlin is modelling my blanket. Isn't he gorgeous?

Today (Thursday) started off fine then the skies darkened and I took the opportunity before it rained to go out into the garden and re-plant my fig tree in a pot to contain the roots. I also planted very roughly, some border plants from Fiona in Yorkshire and moved a shrub to a better place. I planted a Lavetera plant in a place that would make a fine show from my conservatory window. I have lots of those yellow rod plants which give such a lovely colour in the summer but sadly they are so very intrusive I am trying to dig some up. The roots are very compacted and so I just dug a lump up, turned it over and left it to get the wind and air, then I will shake up the soil and dump the roots around the back of the shed. I'm going to have a mountain of old plants round there, but as I can't see them I'm not bothered.

The garden looks as if I've been over it with a JCB, the lawn is sodden and I went all over it with my size 3 clogs, digging soggy soil which was twice as heavy as it should have been. I'm mad, should really have been doing housework but I got it into my head to do this.

The weeping pear needs pruning too and I'm going to ask next door's brother in law to do it, as he's a tree surgeon. It needs doing properly as it's got a bit knarled underneath by my very inept chopping.

Merlin seems quite back to normal now, he was charging up the stairs and down, then back up again, letting off steam, then he was back to the flaked out position in the conservatory for the rest of the morning. Peace! It was just so nice to see him running around.

In a bid to make my laundry drying a bit more efficient I've been thinking of ways to dry the washing in the winter. The only place is at the top of the stairs, on the gallery. However it's a narrow passageway and I thought my TH might walk into it as he's very tall (you see, TH?) So this morning after a look at the internet, came across some things - a larger version of a radiator rack, only this could go on the straight bannister on the galleried landing, with a piece of wood tacked on the front, to give support for the bracket so it keeps straight. Then had another idea! Wait for it, I can't believe how simple this is - I have a curtain rod which is adjustable from one size to another, which you twist to fit the window aperture. I rushed to find it and tried it on the landing, perfect, although I can't put a sheet or heavy stuff, it will do all that little stuff that takes so much room. All the heat rises up there. I have looked on Amazon and they sell them there so am going to buy two more. Some of the options I have looked at were over £50 and then would have required fitting, as TH is busy at the moment. So, tomorrow I order one.


  1. I had the same problem trying to find a place to hang the washing where my hubby wouldn't trip over it and turn the air blue! I managed to find one of those hanging driers made of slats of wood and cast iron hangers(I think they were called "Laundry Maid") I got hubby to fix it right over the stairs on the landing and it works a treat. It is winched high enough not to let the washing dangle in your face as you go up or down stairs, I can load it from the banister and winch it up and the rising hot air dries the washing in no time. I think your idea of expanding curtain poles is inspired and I hope it works well for you.
    All the best, Julie.

  2. Love the blanket. I looked closely and think its crocheted . Am I right?
    Funnily enough, DH had ressurected one of those old fashioned pulley affairs for drying the clothes. We have put it up ion the landing . Fortunately , none of us more than 5'10" so we can manage to get past without it grabbing us.

  3. Hello Julie, nice to meet you and it's good to know other people like to dry their laundry without it costing anything. I'd love a hanging drier but I'm not sure if I've room, as my landing is VERY small and if I have it where I had planned, it would probably knock husband's head off as he's 6'4". No, I've just checked, it can't go over the stairs, as the roof slopes downwards immediately, it's a house where the roof goes right down to the ground floor with a very tiny gallery, which is not floored in. That will come later. If I put it on the landing, it would be too low as the light fitting would get in the way, and the ceiling is too low. I'll find some solution though.

    Brenda, yes, the blanket is crocheted. I took the design from Attic24 blog, a very lovely blog with scrumptuous photos of scenery and crochet. I sadly don't have the type of house that can show all that off as well as she does but I do my best.