Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Well first of all the good news, Merlin seems to be showing improvement. After literally lying on the floor persuading him to eat or lap beaten egg, I put some egg into the chopped up chicken I had cooked for him and - he ate it, then wanted some more. He then went out a couple of times, ran up the stairs and does seem to have improved. I'm going to do some more home cooked chicken for him as he loves it, just to build him up a little.

Don't animals worry you, they're just like kids, except they can't tell you what's wrong with them.

I'm just posting a couple of funny photos of Merlin, who decided to share the cardboard box that a teddy bear was in.

The following paragraph should be after the photos but when I typed in the text, it came out in the text I had used for the captions, I can't be bothered to work it out just now so will investigate another time.

I don't pretend to write a frugal blog, as there are many more people qualified than me to do so. I have my own versions of economy and do read other peoples. There are some things I don't do, as I don't like meat myself, will occasionally eat a little chicken, so I don't have cheap and easy recipes to show you, just try to make the best of what things I have. However, I just thought of something that I wonder if people power might well work if organised properly.

My Mum was telling me of the days when she was young, it was somehow known that tea was going to to up in price. Now in those days folk used to keep lots of stock of tea and sugar. She said that everyone (don't know how it was decided) decided not to buy any tea for about two weeks, as they didn't really need it. And somehow tea came down in price. I don't know how true that is, whether it was just coincidence or what.

Now, if everyone didn't use their central heating for just one day, I wonder what that would do for the energy companies? I don't have my heating on yet, although I can see from the outlets that a lot of my neighbours have. I have the gas fire on for about half an hour in the morning when I have my elevenses, if I am in, then similarly in the afternoon, then put it on at tea time, turning it on low.

Personally I don't think my neighbours would put themselves out or be inconvenienced but lots of people might but how could such a thing be organised? Facebook, Twitter?

I just put something on Facebook about the above (edited afterwards) and one person suggested that simply turning down thermostat every day would result in them losing more 'trade'.

If I lie on it it might go away

Cardboard boxes are supposed to be my property. What's this animal doing in it?

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