Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I don't mean ME bike racing! Last weekend was the Cycletta event sponsored by Victoria Pendleton which I had been intending to ride. Unfortunately with going over to the Isle of Man, not taking a bike and the terrible weather following, I felt I didn't want to do the ride. Of course, I could have gone along very early on the Sunday morning and entered on the line but hadn't even prepared my bike.

However, there was another event I went over to watch. It was an invitation race where two riders ride a distance together. There is an older rider and a younger one, the younger one paces at the front most of the race then the elder one takes the pair to the finish. This event is a memorial race in memory of Johnny Helms a cartoonist for Cycling Magazine for years and years. He was also well known in walking and caving magazines and did cartoons for many organisations. He was in our club and I knew him from being a little girl.

Well, of course I was wishing I'd participated in Cycletta but after thickish fog early on, the day turned out very sunny.  I met lots of old (in age and time of friendship) friends, some of them my Mum's age. It was great to have a chat with them all, what a lot of collected cycle racing talent there was. How cycling keeps these people so young.

Sadly I was not able to take photos as like the idiot I can be, I had forgotten to put back the SD card in my camera.

I had an area in the garden, one of a few areas, that annoyed me, as it just looked sour and week-ridden. I decided to mix some compost with it, dig it in and plant something. However, the builders had left me a few legacies - three huge chunks of cement. They may even have come from the Ordnance Factory, which was on the site before all these houses were built.

Here are a few photos to show a sort of before and after. I found the bricks in a 'useful corner' behind the garage. There's still lots of stuff to use up.

I forgot to take a photo of the real before, before I dug over.

There was another large rock out of shot

That was the way I put the bricks in before thinking of how to do it.

I really need this tree pruning this year.

That's better, put the bricks at an angle but ran out of foundation bricks and then had to make do with bits. The tree is a fig tree. I must remember to protect it in the winter.

Merlin was lying on the window sill yesterday and when I went to look, he had his head on my Ugg sandals. He at least thinks they are comfortable.

Well, that's all for today, not a lot to say really but I am proud of my little gardening effort. The gravel you see on the picture of garden was laid by me and I had to dig up the grass which was a complete mess when the conservatory was built years ago, I'd just put up with it. It's difficult to do everything in the garden when you have to do it yourself.


  1. Hi Ann Marie
    Glad to see you are keeping busy. That looks like you've put in a lot of hard work . Hope you can get out cycling when the weather is dry at least ,
    Brenda in the Boro

  2. Hi Brenda in the Boro
    Nice to hear from you, only read your blog the same day I got this reply but didn't have time to comment as I was rushing through my regular ones.

    I was told yesterday that I need to contain the roots on the fig tree. I have also seen how large they can grow, so better dig it up and put it in a big pot and partially submerge it, I don't think there is the depth to totally submerge. I believe you need to do this to give fruits.