Sunday, 28 October 2012


On Saturday I went to York to visit a young friend of mine from the Czech Republic who I met when we were doing German at Manchester Uni and haven't seen her for a while. She's just moved over there from Sheffield area.

I had to go from a station about 6 miles away because of huge renovations at Stalybridge meaning that no trains at all can go through on that route, so I got TH to take me as I wasn't sure how safe the car park was.

Going into the waiting room I was amazed when I saw this beautiful stone fireplace, which could have graced a manor house. There was also a picture of Huskisson and other railway scenes which I would have photographed but didn't want to appear a geek in front of the other passengers.

It had snowed overnight in York and the pavements were wet and lying leaves made them very slippery to walk on, almost as bad as ice.

My first stop after a coffee and toasted teacake was to look at the cathedral, which was looking good in the sunlight with thankfully still leaves on the trees to make a nice photo. Then I noticed the little train which takes visitors to the Rail Museum.

In a little park area there is a monument which I believe is to the dead in South Africa 1899 to 1902. I've been to York many times and never taken notice of it.

I then went into the little streets to check the location of where we were going to go for a coffee, and a bite to eat. It was still there, a little quirky eating place, very brightly coloured with lots of writing ont he outside, called El Piano. It serves Vegan and Vegetarian food, gluten free etc, but it just mainly has such interesting stuff to eat and the surroundings are so unusual, we sat next to a baby grand piano! I forgot to take a picture of the outside, as it is quite a memorable place and serves all sorts of South American food and for the first time I ate corn bread (I think) or was it polenta? Anyway my friend had chocolate made with coconut milk and she said she had never tasted chocolate so nice.

In addition to Betty's which are all over Yorkshire, there is a Little Betty's, which many years ago I went in not realising its fame. Nowadays I'm too careful of my money to go there, where you queue for almost an hour to pay over the odds. Here are pictures of them both.

The last one seems to have cut off the bottom, it doesn't look so cut off in my photo album. Just note the different types of building. I am sure that Liberty's used to be where The Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop was.

I think that's enough of York trip for today, otherwise you will be bored reading about it. I found a nice building I've never seen before, so I'll post those tomorrow.

Although it's only 21.53 I feel as if I've been up for hours, and I actually had a lie in until correct time 10.00, as I was so tired after my adventures yesterday.


  1. Glad you got there . Was concerned the snow would prevent your trip. Loos like you enjoyed yourself .
    Brenda in the Boro

  2. My daughter used to love that little train when she was younger