Wednesday, 26 September 2012


We went to the Isle of Man for a family get together two weeks ago. We sailed from Heysham on a half empty boat at 2.15am and got very little sleep as the foot passengers all get on first and bag the long bench seats that you can lie on. TH found one and I had a smaller one but realised that it was immediately before the door to the deck and a gale was blowing under it. Most people brought blankets with them, why did we not think of that?

When we arrived, after a quick cuppa we went to bed for a couple of hours sleep and I must say I felt rather more human after that.

I'll put the pictures in at the end as it seems to disrupt the print, so bear with me please.  The weather was so changeable as you can see from the various photos.

We went to Peel, Port Erin, Castletown and Port St Mary that day. Kippers were ordered from Peel to send to a friend. She would get them in a couple of days. (she did and said they were really tasty). I'm glad she didn't cook them when I was visiting as I dislike the smell of them.

The following day we went over to Point of Ayr, to see the lighthouse. The area looks so desolate and the sky looks so big. The pebble beach was almost deserted. The lighthouse was built by Stevenson and there is a large one (striped) and a smaller one which flashes, plus a foghorn. This coast is dangerous for shipping as it is another place where the two currents meet.

I'm going to finish here for the day, so you don't get fed up. Next time I will show you a couple of pictures of the tragic Solway Harvester, which is believed to have been sunk by a submarine, when it caught the fishing nets. It is a very sad sight indeed to see it in Douglas Harbour, all those lost lives.

View from living room window. The sheep are a range of breeds.

One of these birds was feeding the other one.

This is a rainbow over Port St Mary (which should be after the next photo)

This shows the strength of the current in the straights between the Calf of Man and the mainland.

Hopefully this will show the feeling of space here at the Point of Ayr. Our truck got in the way, hence the very jerky end to the video. I should have stepped further out, so as to get an uninterrupted pan.


  1. Some gorgeous photo's, it's on my places to visit and you've just made me want to go even more now, lol. Looking forward to the next lot of photos!

    Blog is back up and running tho you may have to delete and re-enter the url.

    1. You would love the scenery, Kadeeae, I was sorry that some of the pictures are a little dark. I may just post them at the end so you can see the extent of the big views. You would see those, where you live though, wide open spaces, I think?

  2. Lovely pics! But, the video doesn`t work.

    1. Sorry about that Sarina. It's working as I clicked but maybe it's not compatible. It does show black but when I click on it it plays.