Tuesday, 21 August 2012


On Saturday I thought I'd show willing and go to Tatton Park with TH. I do get a little bored at these classic car shows, just driving in, parking up on the area allotted and then looking around for autojumble and me looking for odds and sods. However, one has to make an effort to support one's other half! I didn't take photos as once you've been going as long as we have they tend to be a bit 'samey'.

As I refused to go on Sunday, I managed to cut both front and back lawns before the rain came. Didn't do the 'Mum' thing and cut the edges. She think it is terrible if the edges aren't done but I'm afraid I think myself virtuous merely cutting the lawn. I've not got that sort of neat garden anyway that looks park-like. I can't actually find any pictures, they must be on my phone. I had a wonderful display of Crocosmia Lucifer, about 5' high, but really needing better stakes than I managed to find. The bright, brave red swathes of flowers are just in my eye line when looking out of the back. There are the usual smaller varieties in orange, which grow like weeds once they get a hold. There is a weeping pear, I think it is Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula. It has gone a bit out of hand now and needs severe pruning this Autumn.

I also managed to vacuum and wash my conservatory floor, which sounds easy but there is so much in there, like a chair I don't want to part with, my wool stash, filing cabinet and a lovely painted armoir I bought from a house sale, although the paint has faded with the sun. I will have a go at re-painting the flowers and do a before and after shot. There is a shelf with little things on and I keep my breadmaker in there too, and my digital piano. So everything has to be moved and replaced.

Last time I mentioned some of the gifts I made. Here are a few pictures:

This is a little baby shrug, before pressing, which I made for Caz, the lady who started Cycle Chic, a website and shop which sells lovely items for 'ladylike' bicycle riding. I did some promotional photography for her a couple of years ago putting saddle covers on bikes in university towns. There were no seams in this and I'd love to find an adult version.

I made these for a member of a blog I look at, she is also a blogger.

Kept these for myself.

This was to put with my Mum's Christmas present.

This little bag was for my then future daughter in law. I made the mittens too, to go with a curly crochet scarf I made last year. I must find the pic of that too.

This was for one of my neighbours

I used this free pattern from a blog I think it was Marmalade Rose.

All these items were made from odd balls of wool, mostly merino apart from the hanger which was in cotton. I really enjoyed making them but it's difficult to keep thinking of gifts to make. Have you any ideas for me without involving too lengthy knitting.

I'll post the rest of the photos next time, as it's a bit tedious looking at too many things.

Last night was TH's car club meeting and I actually (for once) know what time he will be back. I have until 11.30pm to have a whole evening to myself, watch what I like on TV or whatever without thinking I am going to be interrupted any minute. I made a salad and watched the first part of Rosamund Pilcher's The Shell Seekers, the newest DVD. As usual, lots of things are totally different from the book and a lot of things are missed out which is a shame. Some of the characters were a little insipid looking, I would have preferred Penelope to be played by someone more vibrant looking than Vanessa Redgrave, although she's a wonderful actress. The book portrayed her as being a really colourful character with eccentric dress sense and of course I was looking forward to seeing that. However, it was good to sit there, on my own, watching it.

That's enough for today now. I must take some stuff that a neighbour gave me to the charity shop (pet rescue). If I didn't do this, the items would just be put in the bin. I do think it's so wasteful to keep changing things in a house. Still the charity shop benefits I suppose!

I am sorry but I have only just noticed I have a new follower. I can't get to your site, so apologies I don't know your name but thank you for joining. It's really lovely to log into the blog and find a comment!


  1. It's always a little frustrating when you love a book and then the film has certain parts changed, isn't it? I felt that about War Horse [great film, but book better]
    so in awe of your crochet work! What stitch is used for the charcoal coloured bag, please? The rectangle shape looks simple enough, but what's the basic stitch?

    blessings x

  2. It is half treble, Angela. It makes a very firm, strong stitch, with a very 'solid' fabric. I found it out by accident, as I did decreasing stitches. My first crochet project was when I was 23 or thereabouts. I wanted an evening dress and didn't have one, so I crocheted one in Twilley's Goldfingering in gold (they did silver and bronze). No did didn't do things by half in those days. It was beautiful with a high roll neck and an opening at the back, which could be reversed. Very different in those days of 'uniform' dressing.

    Angela, I only do simple stitches, as I get fed up of concentrating too much, I like the trim and yarn to set the thing off.

    If you don't know how to do half treble, let me know and I"ll simplify it.

  3. OOOH! I've just learned half treble and edged my blanket with it. Not made a 'solid' bit of fabric with it yet though. I remember Twilleys Goldfingering [my uni Landlady had a sister who ran the local woolshop. Happy days!!]

    Cornerstones - You are the second person to ask that this week - Cornerstones is the name of our little bungalow in Norfolk. This post explains how it came to be...
    ...God has blessed us, may he bless you too

  4. lovely work, thanks for the photos and ideas