Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Today I managed to delete a post. I noticed I had a comment from a lady and was going to reply and then I was unable to edit my reply. I deleted post by accident when I thought I had deleted the comment!

Well, I am a fairly newbie blogger, aren't I??

I'm just going to show you some more knitting and crochet gifts I made, if you can stand it, that is.

I made these in a merino/cashmere mix and gave them to my MIL with her  Christmas voucher

Just a very simple pair of mitts, hardwearing, for my friend for dog walking, to match the blue cowl shown later.

These were to match a cowl I made for my friend

Do you like the little wooden buttons? I replaced them later as the ears snapped off.  I got some black plastic Scotty dogs.

My first pair of socks, took me ages and ages to knit them. I used a 9" circular from Hiya Hiya

You get the picture here, don't you? Everything is very simple, apart from the socks.

This was the curly scarf I made for my then future DIL. I edged her mitts with this colour

At the moment I'm very painstakingly knitting a top with a pointed front. I'm not sure if it will fit me as it was designed for someone with bust size 31 to 33". I do not come within that category! The yarn I have is the same type but I didn't realise they did it in different thicknesses. So, I am experimenting by knitting the largest size, on the correct needles for the yarn I have which is much thicker than the pattern uses. I think! it might just do. There is only one way to find out.
Hello to Brenda in the Boro. It seems I have here a fellow cyclist. My friend has a Koga Miyata which she brought back from the states. I had a VERY quick look at your blog and intend having a longer one when I have a minute.

I had a little ride on my old road bike this afternoon. It's so different to ride from my MTB, the handlebars are so much narrower and I'll need a bit more practice before feeling confident on it again.

Well TH has just brought me a cuppa, and I'd love a biscuit too. Night night, sleep well and see you next time.

PS: I have just found that the post is available, without my comment, so I've retrieved it!

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