Friday, 10 August 2012


Whoo, I feel emotionally exhausted after all the successes and heartbreaks of the last couple of weeks. As you will have gathered, my main interest is cycling and other than sitting in front of the box non stop, that is mostly what I have followed.

I feel so proud of my sport when I see the achievements of those boys and girls out there. It's so amazing how well they have all done.I was particularly upset for Victoria Pendleton when she was firstly disqualified for a little mistake and secondly relegated for crossing the line, despite the fact that Anna Meares had shoved her with her elbow, a thing she did in the world championships. Victoria had to push back, therefore changing her course, otherwise she would have been pushed off the bike. I am of the opinion that the race should have been void, and re-run. Anna Meares seems to have that tactic as her speciality, using her weight to intimidate. As I have met, and cycled with Victoria Pendleton, she is such a quiet, lovely girl, with a steely core. I wish her well for the future.

In addition of course there were the successes of our guys in the Tour de France. Bradley Wiggins, his team mate Chris Froome and not of course forgetting Mark Cavendish, who were all amazing.

That's enough of my blatherings about cycling as I'm sure you're not really interested.

We went to Flookburgh steam gathering at the end of July and had the usual mixed weather, sun, strong winds and lots of heavy rain. Rather than stay in Cartmel we stayed a few miles out at The Farmers Arms, Spark Bridge, reputed to be the oldest public house in England. It was so very atmospheric you could almost see the men and women in their dress carrying candles and having illegal meetings about the true King etc.

Boy feeding ducks. I did have the father's permission to take this shot,  the colour just sets the picture. This was in Cartmel

A little pool and garden in Cartmel.

House for Sale! I doubt if I could even go close to affording it.

I had to take this shot of these beauties. They were looking into the Abbey for their  other owner.

Cartmel won a village garden award last year (village in bloom I think). There was a lady just weeding and tending this when I went to take the photo.
A few sheep waiting to be sprayed. There were a couple of Bluefaced Leicester in there, a couple of Texel but I'm not sure if the rest were Swaledale. This was in field at the bottom of pub car park. 
Don't you just love this? This little lad was nimbly climbing up and down this engine. He could stoke it and polish it. His little brother, shown in video below would probably be the same. These were no scruffy little tykes though, their parents were quite well to do,  very friendly with it although they were probably almost as sooty as the boy. It's not a clean hobby.

The photo below was the view. Ours is the scruffy white one, don't look too closely,the wings are a bit tatty and it's the poor relation of the other four beauties. It's like the plumber whose taps don't work properly, no time to do your own.

Almost my name!

The lovely little grubby boy was loving blowing bubbles. I couldn't resist it, although it's not a very long shot. (both kids had been dressed in period costume, shirts, caps and waistcoats before putting their little boiler suits on.

I'm very proud of this photo, GB cycling darling, Victoria Pendleton. I'm the old one on the left of course, but we did cycle together for part of the route. She cycled with everyone, talking to them as they rode along.

Ooops, had a bit of a scare last night whilst on the computer. I had had new glasses a few weeks ago and they seemed OK but I had thought they weren't right when on the computer. Last night, I suddenly didn't see very well, there was a peculiar feeling around the side of my eyes as if I were in a goldfish bowl and I felt very strange. I could still see with my peripheral vision so that was OK. I went and lay down on the bed for a few minutes, then felt OK again. Oh boy, I was a bit scared. I'm going to have my eyes checked next week at my regular six monthly check that I have so will mention it. I later put on my old glasses and that seemed to improve it.

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  1. Hope spectacle issues solved soon.
    Thanks for kind offer of 'Gazelle' - that was one of the ones included in the Book People set I got cheap in July- sitting here beside me waiting to be started soon.
    Holiday going well- but physio banned Bob from any motorbiking due to his injured shoulder, so all trips are in the car, and bike left behind in Leicester.
    blessings x