Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Today I managed to delete a post. I noticed I had a comment from a lady and was going to reply and then I was unable to edit my reply. I deleted post by accident when I thought I had deleted the comment!

Well, I am a fairly newbie blogger, aren't I??

I'm just going to show you some more knitting and crochet gifts I made, if you can stand it, that is.

I made these in a merino/cashmere mix and gave them to my MIL with her  Christmas voucher

Just a very simple pair of mitts, hardwearing, for my friend for dog walking, to match the blue cowl shown later.

These were to match a cowl I made for my friend

Do you like the little wooden buttons? I replaced them later as the ears snapped off.  I got some black plastic Scotty dogs.

My first pair of socks, took me ages and ages to knit them. I used a 9" circular from Hiya Hiya

You get the picture here, don't you? Everything is very simple, apart from the socks.

This was the curly scarf I made for my then future DIL. I edged her mitts with this colour

At the moment I'm very painstakingly knitting a top with a pointed front. I'm not sure if it will fit me as it was designed for someone with bust size 31 to 33". I do not come within that category! The yarn I have is the same type but I didn't realise they did it in different thicknesses. So, I am experimenting by knitting the largest size, on the correct needles for the yarn I have which is much thicker than the pattern uses. I think! it might just do. There is only one way to find out.
Hello to Brenda in the Boro. It seems I have here a fellow cyclist. My friend has a Koga Miyata which she brought back from the states. I had a VERY quick look at your blog and intend having a longer one when I have a minute.

I had a little ride on my old road bike this afternoon. It's so different to ride from my MTB, the handlebars are so much narrower and I'll need a bit more practice before feeling confident on it again.

Well TH has just brought me a cuppa, and I'd love a biscuit too. Night night, sleep well and see you next time.

PS: I have just found that the post is available, without my comment, so I've retrieved it!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


On Saturday I thought I'd show willing and go to Tatton Park with TH. I do get a little bored at these classic car shows, just driving in, parking up on the area allotted and then looking around for autojumble and me looking for odds and sods. However, one has to make an effort to support one's other half! I didn't take photos as once you've been going as long as we have they tend to be a bit 'samey'.

As I refused to go on Sunday, I managed to cut both front and back lawns before the rain came. Didn't do the 'Mum' thing and cut the edges. She think it is terrible if the edges aren't done but I'm afraid I think myself virtuous merely cutting the lawn. I've not got that sort of neat garden anyway that looks park-like. I can't actually find any pictures, they must be on my phone. I had a wonderful display of Crocosmia Lucifer, about 5' high, but really needing better stakes than I managed to find. The bright, brave red swathes of flowers are just in my eye line when looking out of the back. There are the usual smaller varieties in orange, which grow like weeds once they get a hold. There is a weeping pear, I think it is Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula. It has gone a bit out of hand now and needs severe pruning this Autumn.

I also managed to vacuum and wash my conservatory floor, which sounds easy but there is so much in there, like a chair I don't want to part with, my wool stash, filing cabinet and a lovely painted armoir I bought from a house sale, although the paint has faded with the sun. I will have a go at re-painting the flowers and do a before and after shot. There is a shelf with little things on and I keep my breadmaker in there too, and my digital piano. So everything has to be moved and replaced.

Last time I mentioned some of the gifts I made. Here are a few pictures:

This is a little baby shrug, before pressing, which I made for Caz, the lady who started Cycle Chic, a website and shop which sells lovely items for 'ladylike' bicycle riding. I did some promotional photography for her a couple of years ago putting saddle covers on bikes in university towns. There were no seams in this and I'd love to find an adult version.

I made these for a member of a blog I look at, she is also a blogger.

Kept these for myself.

This was to put with my Mum's Christmas present.

This little bag was for my then future daughter in law. I made the mittens too, to go with a curly crochet scarf I made last year. I must find the pic of that too.

This was for one of my neighbours

I used this free pattern from a blog I think it was Marmalade Rose.

All these items were made from odd balls of wool, mostly merino apart from the hanger which was in cotton. I really enjoyed making them but it's difficult to keep thinking of gifts to make. Have you any ideas for me without involving too lengthy knitting.

I'll post the rest of the photos next time, as it's a bit tedious looking at too many things.

Last night was TH's car club meeting and I actually (for once) know what time he will be back. I have until 11.30pm to have a whole evening to myself, watch what I like on TV or whatever without thinking I am going to be interrupted any minute. I made a salad and watched the first part of Rosamund Pilcher's The Shell Seekers, the newest DVD. As usual, lots of things are totally different from the book and a lot of things are missed out which is a shame. Some of the characters were a little insipid looking, I would have preferred Penelope to be played by someone more vibrant looking than Vanessa Redgrave, although she's a wonderful actress. The book portrayed her as being a really colourful character with eccentric dress sense and of course I was looking forward to seeing that. However, it was good to sit there, on my own, watching it.

That's enough for today now. I must take some stuff that a neighbour gave me to the charity shop (pet rescue). If I didn't do this, the items would just be put in the bin. I do think it's so wasteful to keep changing things in a house. Still the charity shop benefits I suppose!

I am sorry but I have only just noticed I have a new follower. I can't get to your site, so apologies I don't know your name but thank you for joining. It's really lovely to log into the blog and find a comment!

Friday, 17 August 2012


Nothing of note has happened, I've been doing my usual visiting Mum in between other things. She likes to spend as much time as possible in her garden, which rather puts me to shame. She hoes over the garden and rakes up leaves that have dropped up, I hardly ever do that. Also if I go over the garden when it's hot, the soil goes very dry. Her garden is very old established and the soil is wonderful. I think it is probably just to just be doing something. She is 92 and feels as if she has to be busy all the time.

I had a text from my friend who is dog sitting not far from where I live and we went to a local pub and had our tea. It was interesting for her to see some of the old photos of that area, where a road is now where previously it was a row of houses and behind all that was the training centre for the Royal Air Force, Padgate, during the war where recruits would spend time before being deployed to their duties. The sad fact is I remember the old layout very well and can remember either one or two Spitfires at the entrance. We had a really good catch-up and it was lovely seeing her. I miss her company since I retired from where we worked together. She doesn't drive so it's not always easy to meet up.

I've been busy finding stuff to sell on Ebay as I really do need to shed some things. I've sold some trainers, sandals, a tweed jacket, a handbag that had seen better days but had a very good pedigree. All thankfully up to now the ones delivered have had very satisfied customers. I'm selling a gold watch just now, I hardly wear it nowadays, there are lots of watchers but let's see if someone bites tomorrow I've also given stuff to the charity shop, the charity bags that are collected from home and have some items in my boot that a neighbour has given me for our 'Cat Lady' who looks after cats that nobody wants.

The weather has meant I've been fitting other things in when I should have been doing my ranger duties. Thankfully now, there are a few more rangers out there than there were when I was the Co-ordinator. Then I struggled getting others to do jobs for me, it was always the same three people. Now new volunteers have come along and seem to be very enthusiastic. The new co-ordinator however, hasn't even contacted me to introduce himself. I'm a bit miffed about that, as when I commenced I wrote to everyone and then arranged a signpost painting to get people together.

Just posting a picture of some mitts I've made for a friend.

Also a picture of the 'Beetles & Bikes' bit of my blog title, together! That's my vintage bike (1970s/80s) which I am thinking of parting with as I don't use it much. It's a very lightweight one and I MEAN lightweight, even lighter than the bike I used to race one. It has all the original parts apart from new tyres and tubes and the equipment on it is very good quality, typical of the French bikes of that period. I took it out for a little spin the other day and I'm so used to carting shopping around with a heavy pannier on my daily rider, this one just shot up the hills in the park like magic. As you can see the Beetle is also not vintage but classic, and it is 40 years old.

I can't think of anything more to say just now but might show you some photos of some knitting and crochet projects I did at Christmas and if I may say it, was very pleased with them.

Friday, 10 August 2012


Whoo, I feel emotionally exhausted after all the successes and heartbreaks of the last couple of weeks. As you will have gathered, my main interest is cycling and other than sitting in front of the box non stop, that is mostly what I have followed.

I feel so proud of my sport when I see the achievements of those boys and girls out there. It's so amazing how well they have all done.I was particularly upset for Victoria Pendleton when she was firstly disqualified for a little mistake and secondly relegated for crossing the line, despite the fact that Anna Meares had shoved her with her elbow, a thing she did in the world championships. Victoria had to push back, therefore changing her course, otherwise she would have been pushed off the bike. I am of the opinion that the race should have been void, and re-run. Anna Meares seems to have that tactic as her speciality, using her weight to intimidate. As I have met, and cycled with Victoria Pendleton, she is such a quiet, lovely girl, with a steely core. I wish her well for the future.

In addition of course there were the successes of our guys in the Tour de France. Bradley Wiggins, his team mate Chris Froome and not of course forgetting Mark Cavendish, who were all amazing.

That's enough of my blatherings about cycling as I'm sure you're not really interested.

We went to Flookburgh steam gathering at the end of July and had the usual mixed weather, sun, strong winds and lots of heavy rain. Rather than stay in Cartmel we stayed a few miles out at The Farmers Arms, Spark Bridge, reputed to be the oldest public house in England. It was so very atmospheric you could almost see the men and women in their dress carrying candles and having illegal meetings about the true King etc.

Boy feeding ducks. I did have the father's permission to take this shot,  the colour just sets the picture. This was in Cartmel

A little pool and garden in Cartmel.

House for Sale! I doubt if I could even go close to affording it.

I had to take this shot of these beauties. They were looking into the Abbey for their  other owner.

Cartmel won a village garden award last year (village in bloom I think). There was a lady just weeding and tending this when I went to take the photo.
A few sheep waiting to be sprayed. There were a couple of Bluefaced Leicester in there, a couple of Texel but I'm not sure if the rest were Swaledale. This was in field at the bottom of pub car park. 
Don't you just love this? This little lad was nimbly climbing up and down this engine. He could stoke it and polish it. His little brother, shown in video below would probably be the same. These were no scruffy little tykes though, their parents were quite well to do,  very friendly with it although they were probably almost as sooty as the boy. It's not a clean hobby.

The photo below was the view. Ours is the scruffy white one, don't look too closely,the wings are a bit tatty and it's the poor relation of the other four beauties. It's like the plumber whose taps don't work properly, no time to do your own.

Almost my name!

The lovely little grubby boy was loving blowing bubbles. I couldn't resist it, although it's not a very long shot. (both kids had been dressed in period costume, shirts, caps and waistcoats before putting their little boiler suits on.

I'm very proud of this photo, GB cycling darling, Victoria Pendleton. I'm the old one on the left of course, but we did cycle together for part of the route. She cycled with everyone, talking to them as they rode along.

Ooops, had a bit of a scare last night whilst on the computer. I had had new glasses a few weeks ago and they seemed OK but I had thought they weren't right when on the computer. Last night, I suddenly didn't see very well, there was a peculiar feeling around the side of my eyes as if I were in a goldfish bowl and I felt very strange. I could still see with my peripheral vision so that was OK. I went and lay down on the bed for a few minutes, then felt OK again. Oh boy, I was a bit scared. I'm going to have my eyes checked next week at my regular six monthly check that I have so will mention it. I later put on my old glasses and that seemed to improve it.