Sunday, 1 July 2012


Yesterday my son married his lovely fiancee. The ceremony was at the Town Hall, which I have shown pictures of in a previous post. I'm not going to post any pictures because I don't think he would want photos showing as he has particular settings on his Facebook account to prevent certain people seeing things.

The civil ceremony was lovely, with the officiator reading a lovely 'poem' which wasn't rhyming but just a little story really and very touching.

My cousin came over from Portugal with his twin boy and girl and they were delightful, 7 years and one going to be really handsome and the girl already a stunner.

The reception was at a swish hotel, and my new daughter in law baked the cake. I met my ex stepdaughter and ex stepson with her son and the wife with their various adult children, whom I have never met. Also met some work friends and long standing friends of my son's. It was nice to see everyone and I was touched to hear from my ex stepdaughter, who doesn't add the 'ex', that she always used to look up to me and admired my 'style' ???? hm! and was devastated when my ex and I broke up. I didn't ever know that.

I wore a nicely fitting turquoise dress with gathering down one side, making it fit beautifully. I am proud to say I spent under £10 (£7.50 actually) from QVC outlet shop locally, thought I'd take it and try it on and it was so nice I just kept it. I didn't really want to be such a cheapskate but at the end of the day I don't wear dresses much and most people would be looking at the bride's dress. I don't think I could have got nicer, however much more I spent. It was a Tiana B design.

Anyway, enough of all that, I'm exhausted with all the standing about, so will download my photos and have a look at them and maybe a little weep, as TH had to shoot off to work to do a little job on a vehicle which is going off to France on Wednesday and the car keeps returning like the proverbial bad penny, for things that are not his fault, it had not developed when he had it in last. This is the problem with classic cars, until you have 'been through' them, there's always something.

Tatty bye for now.


  1. Sounds like the wedding went really well- and you seemed have done well with the dress! How lovely to discover that your step-daughter obviously retains affection for you!

    I understand why there are no wedding pics- but do show us a shot of your dress, won't you ?
    I LOVE a bargain. Just got a dress for £4.50in the hospice shop - a £90 Boden, as we are at a Posh wedding in august. But need to lose half a stone to fit it comfortably first! My daughter says [this will make you smile] "Mum, you need to get on a bike and cycle more!"

    blessings xx

  2. Er, Angela, I don't have a picture, I had someone take one of me but somehow the exposure had been changed so it was on aperture priority which just didn't come out well in the dark room and it isn't possible to pull in more light. I'm sure the wedding photographer may have one. Failing that, I will hang the dress up and take a photo of it. I had to cut out the label as it was irritating my neck.

    The cycling would at least keep your joints moving and give you a good feeling, providing the weather is decent of course.