Sunday, 8 July 2012


Everywhere has had such a lot of rain over the last week but this weekend has been pretty good, I managed to do a bit of gardening but would have preferred to go out on my bike. However, hopefully there will be fine periods in between the rain which is due to us during the coming week, according to Countryfile weather forecast.

A little car show we were going to go to in Wales had been cancelled as last week cars were being towed out by tractors, so now it has been rearranged for September. That meant I had the weekend for the garden, which I preferred anyway to just sitting in a field surrounded by cars!

We had the news that a large Boots store out on a retail park had caught fire last night and then spread over to the Next store next door, an unconnected building. I suppose there is so much inflammable stuff in Boots it would be difficult to contain, once the fire took hold. It is sad that there will be so much waste and the resultant higher insurance premia will affect the costs. Apparently arson has been discounted but I really don't know how, when a place has been completely destroyed, they can tell what caused a blaze.

Local roads were closed. Had it been Ikea across the road the M62 would have been closed as it lies smack on the motorway.

Just feeling rather flat after my son's wedding last weekend. Although we didn't have anything to do with the arrangements, it was all there, in the background. I baked a loaf and took some milk for when they returned from their brief honeymoon in Portugal, where they stayed with my cousin in his (shared) vineyard. This is a new venture for him, as he was editor of a mens magazine in Sao Paolo for a few years.

I realised only the other day that after all the fuss about the shrug I was crocheting for the wedding, I completely forgot to bring it with me. I'll take a photo of it and post it. My criticism was that it could have been a bit looser around the armholes. The jury is still out whether I should unpick the seams, the edging and extend it, or maybe I should just give it to someone with slimmer arms than me?

No photos to post today, a little boring really. Hopefully I might have something more interesting to say  next time.

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